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Insulating the first Shop Wall Continues

Jon Matcho


Insulating this first section of wall is a priority in that it will allow me to finally hang my first pegboard in my "new" shop.  I have been surviving without a pegboard for years now, and it's really starting to cramp my style.  The issue has been that the garage is bare block and the temperatures sink below what is reasonable for working in the shop, and so insulation is required as part of this.

After much debate before and during this first wall, and then successfully mounting the insulation and furring strips, I am confident this will work out well for the rest of the shop.  I would have made a wall using 2x4/studs, but I am specifically avoiding nailing anything to the ceiling joists so I can someday raise and replace the roof.

Here's the work in progress.  I have 3 more furring strips to add, and then the space on the right behind the compressor.  I shouldn't have bothered with the strips below the electrical outlets, but seemed like a good suggestion at the time.  Notice too how the one on the lower left is not plumb.  There's no sense taking them out as that will do more harm than good with these walls.  If the screws come out I will be compelled to pump concrete into the holes they leave.







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