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  1. Good evening and merry christmas y'all. My name is Joe and I'm a fresh commercial pilot who's hopefully going to be out of university soon. I've always loved the aesthetics and functionality of canard aircraft, and it's been a joy to stumble across this forum to see how interesting and invested this community actually is. I'm fortunate enough to be graduating this spring without any debt to speak of, and as a result would like to own my own canard aircraft come summer. While I haven't set anything in stone yet, I've been looking for the past half a year at different aircraft and blueprinting what I think I can afford, and for what I want to do and personally like a Varieze or Dragonfly mk2(3) would be a dream aircraft at this stage. I've got family all over the PNW, and being able to see them all and enjoy the area would be an absolute treat. Hopefully if my ideas come to fruition I'll be able to learn some valuable home building wisdom along the way, but I don't want to get too far ahead of myself. Once again it's great to be here, and if anyone in the PNW is selling a mostly complete project or finished aircraft this summer I would very much be interested
  2. Hey all, very relieving to see EZs are still popping up for sale these days, hoping that one of you will be willing to answer my question. I'm due to be out of college here soon (graduating with my commercial multi) and thankfully will have the necessary funds to acquire a plane for not much more than 25k, and the Varieze has been on my radar for a short while now. I've been looking more into it and it looks like a wonderful plane, but was curious if any of you could provide any input as to how it would do as a first plane? I've been flying the piper archer for right around 250 hours now, and have spent a couple hours with a stick. I'll have the time to put some TLC into an aircraft and work on it with an A&P that I know, but I just won't have the time to build anything from scratch myself. I should mention that the reason the plane appealed to me is because of the really nice economy and range on the thing. There's a lot of cool airports in the PNW and being to affordably fly in between all of em would be a treat. Hopefully that was enough to set the stage, any opinions from y'all would be much appreciated

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