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  1. Mike Stevens

    Cozy MK IV Suppliers

    OK. Thanks.
  2. Mike Stevens

    Cozy MK IV Suppliers

    I am trying to find who the supplier(s) for the nose landing gear casting are. So far I have only found Jack Wilhelmson. Is he the only supplier now?
  3. If anyone has abandoned their project and want to recoup some money, I am looking for a main landing gear bow for a Cozy MK4.
  4. Mike Stevens

    Main Landing Gear for Cozy MK4 wanted

    Purchased new bow from Featherlite. Post no longer valid
  5. Parting out an incomplete project. Main gear, wheels, brakes, nose gear, nose wheel, all fitting for nose gear and retract are available. Reply if interested.
  6. Mike Stevens

    Long Eze main and nose gear for sale

    I am in and out of internet locations so sorry for the slow reply. What i have is the standard Long Ez nose gear retraction mechanism. Never used, gear and sprocket are just as received from Brock. Manual system
  7. Mike Stevens

    Who are you?

    To fill in the blanks, I am retired and living LArkspur ,CO. I went to work for McDonnell Douglas and Boeing as a test pilot after a 25 year career in the military, USMC. Loved the Long Eze when it came out and built N33X with first flight in 1987. N33X is a long nose O-320 powered chariot. LOL. Originally had an O-235, but got involved the RACE events and had the “need for speed” bug bite. i was not flying for awhile due to cardiac issues the FAA didn’t like. Glad the rules have changed. Currently building a Cozy MK4. I love flying, but I also really enjoy the satisfaction of building. My Cozy, I guess I will need a new name, is wider and longer since I prefer to not be quite as “cozy” as Nat made it. I have several inches and a few pounds on Nat, LOL. Hope to meet many of you at events to come.
  8. Mike Stevens

    Who are you?

    Some of us are in both the have built and are flying group as well as tackling a new build.
  9. Jon Matcho provided excellent advice. This isn’t a once in a while type of project. Folks that treat it that way never finish. Be prepared to spend between 1000 and 2000 hours completing it. The wide variation is dependent on your abilities to do hands on projects and how Much “extra” you decide to do. And one more thing, it is a project that you will be proud of forever. It will open advenures you never dreamed of. I have never met anyone who completed their plane that regretted it.
  10. Mike Stevens

    Vary Eze canopy for sale

    Vary Eze canopy for sale. Never installed but exterior frame is glassed. Interior is still foam. Located near Denver, prefer local pick up but shipping could be arranged, just expensive.
  11. Mike Stevens

    Long EZ plans wanted.

    Over the years I have acquired three sets of Long Eze plans. One I purchased from Burt and built N33X from, IO-320 Long Ez, and the other two from project that I purchased along the way. As far as I know the other two have not been built from but all are in fair, but used condition. If you are still interested please contact me. I also have a lot of parts from the two projects, enough to build a complete Long, but I am parting them out to builders that might need them.