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  1. Florida International Air Show October 19 - 21, 2018 Would be great to see a large gathering of Canards and the weather in October is pretty decent.
  2. Are You David from Punta Gorda with a LongEZ? Just starting to make build plans for a Cozy Mk IV or Aero FG. Would love to get together and talk Canards.

  3. Thanks, that's the exact input I was looking for. The aerocad.com website looks modern and updated, but looks like there is a real lack of support behind the product. Are they OK for landing gear and canopies and stuff?
  4. The last post in this forum was 2015 and it was mentioned that there were serious enough issues that you would need Cozy plans so you had the right info. Have these issues been addressed? Is the AeroCanard using more advanced fibers for strength and durability? TiA JOhn ><>
  5. New Facebook Group for Cozy Mk IV Pilots & Builders https://www.facebook.com/groups/CozyMkIV/
  6. aeroknot

    Looking for builder/pilots near PGD

    Thanks Thanks
  7. aeroknot

    More epoxy & glass questions?

    Talking with a guy on another forum and he uses Pro Set LAM-125 Low Viscosity Laminating Resin Pro Set LAM-229 Slow Laminating Hardener Seems like it can be had for around $90 +/- per gallon. Any opinions on this stuff? BTW] How many gallons for building a LongEZ or Cozy Mk IV?
  8. aeroknot

    More epoxy & glass questions?

    And $$$
  9. aeroknot

    Looking for builder/pilots near PGD

    Absolutely I would really like to see what you are up to. Which model are you building? John
  10. aeroknot

    More epoxy & glass questions?

    My apologies, for my ignorance. I have two or more flaws to my thinking. One, I come from the marine environment and have little or no knowledge of aircraft construction, building techniques and terminology. Two, I am so used to purchasing products in the marine business wholesale and hate the thought of spending retail cash. on the plus side, I can still learn and I can follow directions. I have built several boats, fiberglass and wood using a variety of resins and composites and construction techniques. Have hand formed several plugs for mold construction. Please bear with me while I learn and grow in this field.
  11. Looking for builder/pilots near PGD HI, John Lange here, avid sailor, boat builder and soon to be pilot. Looking to get together with local builders/pilots in the area to talk about building, construction technics and general canard aviation stuff. Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, Naples, Venice, Sarasota, Tampa, SW Florida
  12. Sorry if I start a fight here, but...... The Canard airplanes currently popular (non-kit) Long/Open EZ and Cozy Mk IV are great planes and very well supported. I hope to use my boat building experience and technics and apply them to building aircraft. Here's my question up for discussion. They use 30+ year old construction technology and the approved vendors and materials are 30+ years old. Fiberglass these days have a multitude of new weaves and cross sections (biax & triax with or without mat, woven) and are measured in ounces per yard instead of thickness. Fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber. There are dozens if not more, more advanced resins on the market. Is it possible to build a lighter/stronger (less expensive) plane using more current technologies and materials???
  13. Aircraft Epoxy, Marine Epoxy what's the difference? I am starting the research for building a LongEZ or Cozy Mk IV. The groups and instructions all talk about "Aircraft Rated Epoxy". What's the difference between aircraft and marine epoxies? I understand the stresses are somewhat different, flex, shear and stress vs pounding a 2 - 3,000+ lb boat into crashing waves at 30- 80 mph. I can buy marine epoxy "wholesale" for $40 per gallon, vs paying retail (from spruce) for aircraft epoxy. Could sure use some help here.