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  1. Kent, Thanks - this is a nice Vari-Eze. I try and not be a used car salesman. I turn away buyers whose needs don't match the aircraft, I tell potential buyers everything the plane needs, and even what I don't like about the design. I really enjoy aviation and I want others to enjoy, too. I don't see the problem with advertising in MPH, though - the Vari-Eze flight manual by Burt Rutan came in MPH. Joe
  2. Hi Kent, Take a closer look - that's my Varieze which does 165 MPH WOT TAS (4-way GPS run), it is indicating 124 KIAS (with a 170 knot GS - not the point of the photo) while climbing out at 600 or 800 FPM on the IPad PFD. Cheers. Joe

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