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  1. Well it’s that time of year when you find every little draft. I am wanting to work on a better system of sealing the gap where the elevator tube passes through the fuselage below the canard in my Cozy III. I have heard of a few guys using two close fitting disks that move against each other, but haven’t actually seen it used. I have the Roncz canard, so it has the forward and aft as well as rotational movement, making foam less than effective. If anyone has suggestions, pictures, or drawings of what has worked best for them that would be fantastic!
  2. Hey Marc that sounds like excellent advice! I'm an A&P and have helped with a couple LongEZ projects, but haven't really spent any time inside a Cozy. I did talk to insurance and they said I wouldn't need a CFI, just someone that is "experienced" in that model to help familiarize me with the characteristics and habits of the aircraft in flight. Haha no I'm 6' 2" and 175. I have heard a few sad stories of guys moving there plane in or out of a hanger and ending up with new tips or props. That would make for a very sad day. Has anyone ever come up with a tip back guard for ground moving?
  3. Hey guys, I just joined the forum as a recommendation from a friend. I am looking at getting into a Cozy 3, but I don't have any canard time and the guy that is selling the aircraft isn't willing to give any fam time. I have been researching, and looking at Cozys for a few years now and am at a place that I would like to get into one, but as most of you probably know insurance usually requires at least 5 hours familiarization time. I am an ATP with about 4000 total, and have flown a few other high performance experimentals, so I don't think it would take much, but I'm not willing to "just jump in and see how it goes". Will any off you, or anyone you know be willing to come check the plane out and then sit with me for the familiarization time? I'm in Amarillo, tx and the aircraft I'm currently looking at is near Memphis TN.

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