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  1. Marc, Excellent advice. I will definitely get a prebuy done by someone like yourself for FreeFlight. I guess Gil Hutchinson was involved in mentoring this bird's refurb. My understanding is that he's very reputable, but honestly, I've never met him. I'm on the other side of the country in Ohio. While I appreciate performance will be competent vs. a 172, I'm curious as to if anyone can hazard a guess as to by how much? Are we talking 800 ft/min climb on an 85-90F day at field elevation of 635ft good? Or worse/better at 1500lbs? Thanks! John
  2. Thanks Kent! I'll definitely ask around. I did get some opinions, but the usual answer is get a 320. ...for speed reasons, not gross weight/etc. I'm perfectly content with a 'stock' O-235 Long-EZ's performance. I'm just curious if I could expect 800-1000fpm climb at 1500 gross on a 0-235 in the summer time. If so, I'll be good to go. My home airport is 5500ft so good there. Destinations not necessarily so. Likely ~3800-4000ft for the shortest barring an unplanned landing.
  3. Looking at a Long-EZ that has an empty of 970lbs. I'm 190 and wife is 165. Gross is set at 1500.im a flat lander in Ohio. What kind of climb performance can I expect in summer? I've read an O235 should be closer to 850 empty?
  4. ah, good to know! I just saw a few pics with "no step" placards in that location. Had me wondering
  5. I'm considering selling my RV12 and purchasing a Long-EZ. LOVE my RV12, but not it's range or speed. Anyway, my wife is 5' 3". Curious on if there's a preferred method of getting in and out of rear seat? I was with an owner of a Long-EZ the other day and while I sat in front, I didn't think to try sitting in back. I did note that it looks like it wouldn't be easy to get in or out. I'm assuming it's not good to climb on the strake. So is it easiest to first step on front seat and then swing a leg over to the back? If so, that seems like it would be tough for someone with shorter legs? Any other techniques folks use/recommend? Thanks John

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