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  1. Does anyone have a pattern for seat cushions / interior for a Cozy MKIV?I have photos of some fabulous interiors.... Tim Andres, John Dembs, Rick Hall (and there are others).... were you guys able to find patterns or did you make them up? Having a good pattern could make the difference in View the full article
  2. Hello, It may just be a language thing, but I have been puzzling over the next stage in the plans for a while, and have just figured it out. CH20 Step 3 para 2: "Now, lay the wing *top side up*on your table..." In my brand of English that means set the wing on the table with the top surface View the full article
  3. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Slick Magneto SB

    See the following link to a fairly new SB for 4200, 4300, and 4700 series Slick magnetos.The way I read it, Champion will reimburse the cost of the replacement part OR install the new part if you send in your magneto. https://www.championaerospace.com/assets/technical/SB1-15A_20181112.pdf View the full article
  4. COZY Builders Mailing List

    COZY: Fuel valves

    Regarding the discussion of which fuel valve and how to route the lines, I am implementing Marc Parmalee’s design in the plane I am building. It gives you the option of selecting either tank or both or none. It also keeps fuel line runs to a bare minimum. The valves will sit over the main View the full article
  5. COZY Builders Mailing List

    First fuel in the Tanks

    Ok, I got the idea about the fuel, where do you get the filter or better yet what kind of filter do I need to clean the fuel so that I can put it back in the tanks. I am assuming that It is a rather large filter. Sincerely, Michael Scovel Owner Scovel Enterprises Inc. View the full article
  6. Ok gang, getting closer on the VariEze, just re-mounted the Engine yesterday will finish the install by the end of the week (the it has been going maybe the following weekend). So I was at the airport this morning and had a chance to talk with the airport manager about flushing the fuel system. View the full article
  7. I’m about half way through chapter 6 now and today was working on the fuel selector valve bracket. Like many others, when bending the bracket, it cracked. I am now toying with the idea of foregoing the plans fuel selector valve location and leaning towards Wayne Hicks’ location (just forward View the full article
  8. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Ul Power engine mount

    Hi all, I searched the archives looking for info on the engine mount builders are using for the UL Power 6 cylinder engines on the Cozy Mkiv and could not find anything. Does anyone know who manufacturers these engine mounts and what is an approximate cost. Cheers, John Wilson Melbourne View the full article
  9. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Cozy MK IV Plans For Sale

    Due to health issues, I am never going to get this project started, so I am offering my revision 3 plans for sale. S/N 1083 $350 includes shipping. Or make the proverbial offer I can't refuse. Thanks, Tracy Ryan t...@wellnets.com View the full article
  10. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Infinity Main Gear for sale

    Hi Everyone, Unfortunately changes in life have prevented me from completing my aircraft. I have a set of Infinity retractable main landing gear for sale. They are the generation 2 originally purchased in the summer of 2013. They have not been installed and have been in the box they were View the full article
  11. I had quite a bit of early interest when I first listed this a month or two ago but no sale. Then I got busy and haven't put the effort into relisting it until now. I have attached a Spec Page to this post and also have an ad on Barnstormers with additional pictures. It's a fantastic airplane - View the full article
  12. Many thanks guys for the several responses to my plea for advice, - all studied and all truly welcome. You made me go back and reconsider my predicament from various angles and it's encouraging (in a perverse way) that others have also had to make 'adjustments'. In my case I do have the View the full article
  13. ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: Bill Walsh Date: Wed, Dec 5, 2018 at 11:58 AM Subject: Cozy III Final attempt to sell To: cozy Hello I have been with this group on and off since the beginning 90's. There does not appear to be much View the full article
  14. COZY Builders Mailing List

    RE: COZY: iPad and GPS

    I think that buying the ADSB is the right choice. Regards, Phillip Johnson Cozy MKIV RG Powered by Subaru IO-200 (SN 0030) http://www.canardaviation.com/PhillipJohnson From: cozy_b...@googlegroups.com On Behalf Of Keith Spreuer Sent: 04 View the full article
  15. COZY Builders Mailing List

    N200CZ first engine run video

    10 years, 1 month and a day after making the first piece of my Cozy Mk. IV canard pusher airplane , s/n. 1560, we started the engine. Initially, we had some fuel leaks to deal with right away, but they were just in fittings, not the tanks. (Whew!) The View the full article