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  1. Hi Gang, So I am in a brand new adventure in the building of the VariEze! Working on making a cowling for it. I have it all roughed in (got a little more roughing in for basic surfacing to go. I am looking for advice on preparing for the final stage of surfacing. Do I use Pour Foam or do I use View the full article
  2. Hi, This is a sort of cozy question about avionics. Jean-Pierre has an AFS 5600 which is advertised as compatible with dynon, jeppesen, pocketfms vfr maps. After weeks of pulling his hair out and countless calls to various tech supports, JP still has no luck at all in installing VFR maps from View the full article
  3. Not exactly "A Fist-full of Dollars", but close enough! Gregory Cross Cozy Mk. IV, s/n 1560 N200CZ (reserved) View the full article
  4. By our friend in Denmark. He is not a regular here so here’s a link to some pics https://www.canardzone.com/forums/topic/33406-loadtest-cozy-mk3/ View the full article
  5. I’m figuring I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy the TSO strobes rather than take the risk of getting caught by the FAA or insurance company after an incident. Boy the $400 identical lights are tempting! Anyone recommend the best $1100.00 lighting system for price or reliability? View the full article
  6. A while back... oh maybe 15 years there were people putting together canard simulators. I know some were using xplane to build sims for the cozy. Is that still around? -- Till Later View the full article
  7. Cozy 0733. Working on chapter 19. Considering engine. Plans say" Do not use an engine with 6th or 8th order counterweights." I have a IO 360-A3B6D with about 250 hours since major overhaul. Came out of a Mooney M 20J. Empty weight of this engine is 299 pounds. It is a 200 HP wide deck engine. View the full article
  8. Folks: If any of you are flying Aerocanard aircraft and currently have liability and/or hull insurance, please let me know who you use for an agent, who underwrites the policy, and how much it costs. I'm trying to get insurance for one, and apparently it's like needles in haystacks... Thanks. View the full article
  9. Hi group, what brand and models of weather radar we can install in the cozy? Is the radar installed in the wings so you can see in the cockpit the clouds ahead? View the full article
  10. I have a bunch of parts off a running O-360 for sale. Not using them since I'm going to EFII. Bendix Mag 10-51360-29 Bendix Mag 10-51360- 37 Marvel Schebel MA-4-5 Carburetor Bendix Alternator 50 A 1101915 Fuel Pump 1049 40295 Vacuum Pump 3P 194 Starter Prestolite MZ 4206 Photos at View the full article
  11. Hi Instrument panel lighting , I never thought it is a issue , never installed one . I tried today to setup some led lighting to light up the instrument pane for late landings, I can see the reflection of the gauges canopy front of me , evening with very dim light , I would like to hear who had View the full article
  12. *Subject:* Fwd: Watch "P-51 Engine Out, Off-Airport Landing - full analysis" on YouTube In High Def and very educational .... Vance Atkinson https://youtu.be/BBpqvPujZgM < http://www.avg.com/email-signature?utm_medium=email&utm_source=link&utm_campaign=sig-email&utm_content View the full article
  13. Attached is photo showing the trench for the 2nd fuel vent lines installed per Zeitlin instructions. When I acquired this project from Burrall, he did mention there were areas of excess micro buildup ( > 1/8") from contouring and that I might want to remove and fill with foam & fiberglass. The View the full article
  14. Folks: So I've got two OSH award winning aircraft in the hangar at the moment - one COZY MKIV, and one Long-EZ. The COZY is John Dembs' and as many have seen, it's a beauty, as well as being a reasonable weight and having very good (meaning nominal COZY MKIV) flight characteristics. The Long-EZ View the full article
  15. Drawing M-25 shows the Winglet Bottom Tip Template, which says “*This side for LT. Transfer numbers to other side for RT*”. Doesn’t this side of the template face out when attaching it to the RIGHT (not LEFT!) side of the lower winglet foam block? All the plans' descriptions of the camber View the full article
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