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  1. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Filler epoxy

    Anybody have an idea of why West 206 SLOW hardener is suggested for a micro filled paste for filling rather than a faster accelerator? Rich Sent from my iPhone View the full article
  2. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Dark Interior / Light Interior

    My favorite interior color is the black base coat with gray and white specks... Nick Ugolini has this color (zolatone Lilith Charcoal) in his EZ as do others. Does the interior color affect how hot it gets inside the plane? Seems it would if parked on the tarmac in July for a few hours with View the full article
  3. COZY Builders Mailing List

    COZY: Third seat belt in rear?

    All, I have a third daughter on the way and I'm pretty excited about it. Assuming I get this done in the next five years (probably wishful thinking), I think I may want a third seat belt in the back. Has anyone done this? Is it a really bad idea to do so? I'm working on the center section View the full article
  4. COZY Builders Mailing List

    2-Blade Catto prop report

    Folks: As I said yesterday, I've just installed a new 2-blade Catto prop for a COZY MKIV on my plane - it's a 66" dia x 76" pitch. When I first installed it prior to OSH in July, I didn't get the performance I wanted - it was low on RPM by about 150, so my takeoff and climb performance was View the full article
  5. COZY Builders Mailing List

    FAA ADS-B $500 Rebate

    The FAA announced they were putting the $500 rebate program back in place for ADS-B upgrades. Read about it here: https://www.faa.gov/nextgen/equipadsb/rebate/ One key point is the unit must be TSO'ed. For those of us that have been sitting and waiting it out to see when prices/technology View the full article
  6. COZY Builders Mailing List

    COZY MKIV N83MZ Milestone

    Folks: After installing, tracking and dynamically balancing a new Catto 2-blade prop with nickel leading edges (and almost immediately putting a tiny ding into one of the LE's by having a camloc go through it during the balancing process), I headed down to Mojave for a 7 minute flight to do View the full article
  7. COZY Builders Mailing List

    My cozy III project

    In light of the cozy III that was posted for sale for 29k recently I am reducing my project price to 6500.00 most of you are probably familiar with it. If you have interest, questions, want pictures contact me View the full article
  8. I've reluctantly decided to sell my flying Cozy III. Approx 275 since new. Lycoming O-290 130HP and respectable Garmin Glass Panel. I'm asking $29,000. See the PDF Spec and Photo file I've attached which I think contains nearly all you might want to initially know. Thanks for looking and View the full article
  9. On to chapter 5. I have read many people installing the Vance fuel sight gauges. I can’t seem to find them anywhere online to purchase. Does this group know where I can find these or if there is a better alternative? I do plan to install an EMS at a later point but also appreciate this as a View the full article
  10. This is an interesting film that may give you guys some ideas when transporting and assembling your bird in the field... Its about 40 min long. Vance Atkinson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Noqms4AhTJA View the full article
  11. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Landing gear backing plates

    Hi all, This seems like a silly question but here goes. The previous builder (bought an incomplete project) installed #8 screws instead of the plans #10, to secure the landing gear backing plates MCM3 and MCM2. Is this something that people are doing on purpose? Already tried to take one out View the full article
  12. COZY Builders Mailing List

    1/4" hole

    In the Cozy plans the ¼” hole (vent hole) is supposed to be located between R45 and the OD (Outboard Diagonal) near the leading edge. My hole (that I did not put in) is located closer to the spar. I think I may open this hole a little to put my Endoscope in to make sure outside of the fact View the full article
  13. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Cozy: T-hats in the strakes

    I would like to suggest a small change to the t-hats when building the fuel cells. When I was glassing the inside of the fuel cells, I noticed a glob of epoxy on the floor, directly under the seam where the two strake bottom skins are joined and the half moon cutouts in the ribs are. There View the full article
  14. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Failed nose gear

    Here are a couple of pictures of my failed nose gear that left me stranded in Rosebud s. Dakota on my way home from Oshkosh. The ng6 failed and so did some of the bolts. I trailered it home. It was quite the adventure I do not ever want to repeat. I have not yet repaired it. Going to put View the full article
  15. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Cozy LSA?

    Cozy Mk IV could soon be a LSA?! https://www.avweb.com/eletter/archives/11/4165.html?ET=avweb:e4165:296915a:&st=email -Matt #1621 View the full article