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  1. I'll apologize in advance as this is not directly related to building a Cozy but it will indirectly help me to acquire one and also make a donation to the RAFE program later this year. If anyone is or has knowledge of a reputable 'money finder' that connects small businesses with investors or View the full article
  2. The strobe on my plane has failed. A new power supply costs nearly $700! (Why are they so expensive?). Is it possible to repair the old one? If so, where do I take it? Alan View the full article
  3. This mail for the general Cozy_Builders group; I use Wilhelmson’s nose gear extension unit on my Cozy IV. When I select “gear down” there's a green light that illuminates while the gear is in motion, but then goes dark when the gear is fully extended. What if the LED circuitry just failed and View the full article
  4. I finally completed (except for cosmetic filling and painting) the repairs following my gear-up landing. When I finally got around to it, it was really rather easy. I did a taxi test this morning (visibility was 1/4 mile in fog), and everything seems fine. One unrelated squawk; the strobes are View the full article
  5. Folks: Before putting all this stuff up on Ebay or Craigslist, I figured I'd give the canard community a shot at them. These items were all removed from an O-320 Long-EZ for a FlyEFII EFI/EI and Garmin G5 installation. Here's what I've got: ITEM Age/Time List Price Asking Price Slick Impulse View the full article
  6. I'm trying to locate they nylon bearing-bushing that I used in replacement of the old phenolic ones in the plans. I believe the designation was FM10. Can anyone help with a part number or supplier? NEAL JOHNSONCozy IV N403NA View the full article
  7. Folks: For those of you who are not signed up on the FAA webpages for automatic email delivery of AD's, SB's, etc., this just came through with regard to Lycoming Cylinders. It's a reference to a Lycoming "MSB", which, whatever Lycoming says, is NOT mandatory, but if you've got cylinders that View the full article
  8. Used AeroCanard cowling, modified with exhaust outlets for an IO-360. $400 Contact me off list: gac...@twc.com or (859) 229-9411 Located in Lexington, Ky. Gregory Cross Cozy Mk IV, s/n 1560 N200CZ (reserved) View the full article
  9. Hello Folks, I would like to switch from a capacitive to a resistive fuel level senders. Is anyone already use such a sender? I would like to have one, which I can install on the inner wall. Is there such a recommended sender model? Thanks Yair View the full article
  10. I need to run the 4 EGT and 4 CHT wires up top the IP. They need to be K and J type respectively, right? Are there cables made up for this or do you run individual wires? Keith View the full article
  11. I am building a AeroCanard and I am building the turtleback now but I want the look of the fiberglass coming up where the normal windshield would stop Not the glass going back over the front seat area. Is there any help out there to get me able to do this? John View the full article
  12. Anyone have a couple of Control pushrod inserts threaded for AN4? I think they are called CS50's. All I need to hook up my Elevators. I can't reach the Cozy Girls for an order and that is literally all I need to finish my Cozy III. Scott "Patch" Humphrey 469-652-6022 Cozy III LongE...@gmail View the full article
  13. The May Canard Desktop Calendar is ready for download. As always: Thanks a lot for the many beautiful pictures I have received so far. I’m always looking for new pictures, if you have pictures to share, please send them over to me. I need as large resolution as possible. My bandwidth is no View the full article
  14. I know James Redmon has experience with AkzoNobel IR-reflective paint – does anyone else have experience painting their composite airplane with it? It’s finally time to paint Atalanta (N6212). I actually like her in primer, but I really have to sell her at some point in the next couple of years View the full article
  15. Hello everyone on the BCC list. I just want to tell everyone in my address book that I'm still alive and kicking in Oviedo, FL! I know I haven't communicated with many of you in a long, long time. I hate excuses, but I had a computer crash about 2 years ago and lost all of my emails and View the full article

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