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  1. COZY Builders Mailing List

    battery case failure

    Hi I purchased a battery Lead acid sealed 20AH 5 moths ago, when it arrived it looked good, I left it in it original packing on the shelf, today I decided to use it , surprise, it had a few inches hole , the acid etched the plastic case. I thought that the plastic case immune to acid melting View the full article
  2. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Engine Paint

    This used engine I bought has pretty worn paint. Any tips on how to paint without too much disassembly? Keith View the full article
  3. COZY Builders Mailing List

    UL520iS break-in video

    I did a few very short, wide-open throttle runs on the UL Power UL520iS engine last weekend... just figured out how to get it on YouTube! Here's the link: https://youtu.be/CVbka_sjT0A Gregory Cross Cozy Mk. IV, s/n 1560 N200CZ View the full article
  4. COZY Builders Mailing List

    parts in Europe

    Can any of our French or European friends discuss where they get Lycoming parts and homebuilder parts in Europe? My european friend has ordered through Aircraft Spruce in Europe so he knows about that. Any other favorite places? -Kent View the full article
  5. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Self Clinching Studs

    Its hard to find 10-32 panel mount studs (like clickbonds) in lengths of 3/4" or 1". Often they are $2 or more per piece. I have a bag of 1/2" long clickbonds that I got from JD at Infinity Aerospace, but these are too short to reach through the firewall (they are good for surface mounting but View the full article
  6. COZY Builders Mailing List

    My cozy III projects

    Thought I posted this but my cozy projects are sold View the full article
  7. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Ideas please

    Cozy Mark IV, IO-360, Lightspeed one side, Bendix on other side, fuel injection. I have a persistent “glitch” that manifests itself as a “cough" at altitude and speed. Can’t seem to reproduce it on the ground. It seems to be on the Lightspeed side because it doesn’t do it when running on just View the full article
  8. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Water Jet Cut Baffling

    What is the source for the Water Jet cut Baffling for a cozy IV? Keith View the full article
  9. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Tony Bingelis Books

    These were mentioned recently and I happen to have duplicates of both: Tony Bingelis on Engines and Firewall Forward. I’ll happily send them to whoever would like them for the cost of postage. Figure USPS Priority Flat Rate Medium box at $14.35, or media rate for much less but much slower. View the full article
  10. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Strut clip

    Guys: I’m looking for a retaining clip that snaps onto the strut that holds the canopy open but can’t find that piece on the Internet. Anyone know of the name of that piece or where to buy? Matt Bunch View the full article
  11. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Brock throttle quad

    Someone asked for a Brock throttle quad and I have one. If interested contact me off line. Matt Bunch 859-797-3164 View the full article
  12. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Engine Mount Hard Points

    In my switch the Lyc, I need a new engine mount which I ordered from Cozy Girrls. But the lower two hard points were drilled to 7/16 for the old engine mount rather than the plans 3/8. Also they are 27.75 apart rather than 28.0. So I'm thinking to fill the holes with JB Weld and redrill to 3/8 View the full article
  13. COZY Builders Mailing List


    Some of you asked what caused my nose gear collapse this summer on my way home from Oshkosh. My Mkng-6 failed enclosed is pictures. Since the incident I have had little desire to work on the plane today I had some free time so I removed it from the plane. It is time to start fixing the plane. View the full article
  14. COZY Builders Mailing List

    Main wing spar

    Some of you say that chapter 14 ends up being not so hard. Maybe, but not yet. Okay. Page 14-2 paragraph 2. Last two sentences. It starts out with "Note that the top" and the second sentence ends as "full span" okay that has to be back words. I am past that, but. Figure 7 on same page. View the full article
  15. COZY Builders Mailing List

    High-Speed Taxi Testing

    Here is another data point for the argument that if you're going to high-speed taxi test your plane as part of your Phase 1 that you had best be prepared to go flying: https://www.eaa.org/eaa/news-and-publications/eaa-news-and-aviation-news/news/01-03-2019-XP-8s-Twin-Mustang-Makes-First-Flight?m View the full article