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  1. Derek449

    Pulling up cured fiberglass?

    I have done it with my heat gun. Just remember the foam will melt with to much heat.
  2. Derek449

    Epoxy on underside of foam

    I had the same problem, and sanding worked. But what about on the glassed sides. I had a bit on the inst panel glassed underside. How can I remove that and keep the nice glassed finish? Thanks, Derek Lewis
  3. Derek449

    What type of plane is this?

    I am having a hard time identifying this aircraft. It is said to be a Cozy MK IV, but it doesn't look like it to me. Anyone have any ideas, or is it really the Cozy? Thanks, Derek Lewis
  4. Derek449

    Wings & Main Spar For Sale

    I'm interested, How much are you planning on selling them for? Thanks, Derek Lewis