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  1. Jason, First, thanks for your service. I did my time and understand a little about the hardships one must endure. Q: Did you know Mike Davis? It was sad news when I heard about his accident. I had been in touch with him through email, and was planning on meeting him New Year's, when we took the granddaughters home...they live just off I-65, just out of White House, Tn. I go there every couple of months, and I look forward to meeting you someday, too. If you're interested in an extra seat, there's a nice looking Cozy III on ebay. Currently no bids, but starting bid is about what you'll pay for an EZ. Finally, you'll have to plan on coming to our fly-in at TZV...first Saturday in June, which makes it June 5th this year. Take care, Darrell Doerhoff currently fly a Dragonfly, starting the Cozy soon.
  2. I haven't heard anything, but I do know that it was VERY windy that day...gusts up to 50 mph. I hadn't met Michael, but we had been in touch through email. My daughter lives about 10 miles from him, and I was planning on meeting him when we took the granddaughters back home after New Year's. It was really a shock when I heard about it. My prayers go out for his family. I hope we can get the report of what happened.
  3. First came AN bolts. This stands for Army-Navy. They were tired of planes falling out of the sky, so they sat down and developed aircraft hardware standards. As time passed, and the government grew, the standard became known as Mil-Spec (military spec) Now it's NAS, or National Aerospace Standard. I tried to copy/paste the link, but it didn't work...so just google "an bolts" and go to page 2 of the results. Scroll down to the 4th entry, "Carroll Smith's Nuts, bolts, fasteners and plumbing handbook" Darrell
  4. My "tub" arrived yesterday. I'm not "officially" building yet, but I am making progress! Getting a set of plans is next on the list... Darrell at TZV
  5. I was the high bidder today on Steve Innova's Mk IV fuselage, and my wife complained: "You could have discussed it with me first" At least I'm not building this one in the living room!! It feels great to be joining the Cozy builders!! Now to work on getting a set of plans, and getting into building. Thanks everybody. Darrell Doerhoff at TZV
  6. Hello all, I found this forum last week, while looking for the date for Rough River. I can't believe I missed it AGAIN. :sad: Anyhow, next year. I live in Tompkinsville, Ky, (TZV), so making it to Rough River should be a short flight. I fly a Dragonfly MK1 that I bought 9 years ago. It's NOT white, either. It's "sunset yellow." I built a TEAM Himax, (wood, covered with fabric) and flew it for about 65 hours. About a year after buying the Dragonfly, though, I sold the Himax, since I hardly flew it anymore. I've been looking at the Cozy's. I like the speed, along with more room. Now, I've only got to convince the wife that we NEED it. I don't think she'll allow me to do what I did with the Himax, though. I just bought the kit, then told her. Then I moved all the furniture out of the living room, built a workbench, and commenced building an airplane!! She moved back in with me about time the plane was ready to come out of the house!! I know that Sam Chambers has the Long-EZ. He's at the next airport here, along with Barry Meacham's EZ. Are there any Cozy owners close by? (meaning about 100-150 miles) I look forward to being part of this community. I mostly read, but, I'm on Yahoo groups, Dragonfly list, and post when I can help someone. I noticed here that there aren't many postings in the Dragonfly group. I'll keep checking though. Thanks for having this group! Darrell Doerhoff Dragonfly Mk1 N115DP at TZV
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