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  1. Thank you for all the effort in saving the great history of this website, and looking to keep it fit for the future. Hats off!
  2. I also remember in the 80's one called the "Goldwing".....it was a very nice flying a/c IIRC......
  3. I too want to thank the Open Ez effort. I'm a few years still from starting, and am more leaning towards the Cozy/AC option, but do love the LEZ too....my Bro-InLaw (FBO at HBZ) built his in '85 and I've flown it and of course loved it as I knew I would since I saw my first VEZ at March AFB Open House in '78. (still got the pic I took..had green stripes) Also still following Atlantica, but it's taking way too long.... I have 4 boys and a wife handy with tools and aviation friendly, after we add on to our small house and clean out the garage I can start working towards the goal. Problem is where to tie up here in SoCal. It's nutso here.... I'm also a 30yr Rotary Engine nut, so you know whats going in the back of anything I build...Ha Ha.

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