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  1. KD5ZXM in texas Tim Dale
  2. all the stories about the pump failing and other problems associated with it have scared me away from it's use. I'm not willing to dish out $275 on a pump that seems to have problems just for a little added convience. On ebay I found a 500 gram 0.1 gram accurate digital scale for $40. do a search on ebay for "500 GRAM mini SCALE" and you will find many scales for the same price. Since I'm using MGS I can set my pot time. I like the idea of being able to ration the slow and fast hardner depending on the layup I'm planning. Not possible with the pump. Once it's full of resin and hardner you cannot easily change the slow/fast ratio. Just make up a chart showing the weights you need for a certain pot life for easy reference. I'm thinking of buying a few condement dispensers, like a one gallon ketchup pumping container to hole the resin and hardners. Right now I have the West brand pumps that sit on top of my MGS bottles, but they don't screw on. Tim Dale KD5ZXM
  3. I had many reasons for the last few years to put off building. 1)I couldn't afford it. 2)I didn't have enough time 3)I wasn't sure I could do it, Etc. 1) Well I still cant afford it, but I'm gonna build it anyway. No more cell phones, limit the Direct tv bill by cutting the channels we never watch anyway, stop eating out, etc, etc. Well I guess I can afford it..... a little at a time. 2) I'm married and between my wife and I we have seven (7) children ranging from 1 to 16 years old. I have little spare time. Yet I found I had time to watch tv, surf the internet, eat out, etc, etc. Well I'm using this time to build....and after the wife and kids go to bed I sneak out to the garage....Yea I get less sleep, But I'll live. 3) I'm still not sure I can build an "airplane", But I can build chapter 4 and I can build chapter 5. Pretty soon I will have built all the chapters and be done....well not soon but someday. I'm just taking little steps, I look down the proverbial building road but I try not to loose focus on the small task at hand. Well, I threw away all my excuses and I'm the proud owner of plans 1270 and I'm working on chapter 4. Anyone out there "can" do it if they really want to. Stop making excuses and just that the plunge. Like my Dad told my when he taught me how to swim, he said " Son, Swim or die". trust me you will find a way to stay afloat, there are many helpuful fellow builders who will come to your aid. Tim Dale KD5ZXM
  4. Chris, I live in Keller, right next to north richland hills. I saw your website....Nice. I noticed you mentioned a rotary engine. I too am going to use one, either the 13B or the new renisis. But it will be a while before I have an airframe to put it on :-) Tim
  5. Well I guess I need to place a heater in the garage...because it's not close to 70 yet. My garage has drywall in place....but no insulation behind the drywall. I don't want to tear down all the drywall....if I don't have to. I was hoping i coud get by with cutting foam insulation into pannels to fit in the metal garage door to limit heat loss thru it??? Any ideas for a grarge heater? Maybe a portable kerosene/propane heater? Tim
  6. I ordered my Cozy plans today...they will arive on friday:D Perhaps the plans will cover these questions, but I'm a little excited and perhaps a little impatient. I ordered the 285 MGS epoxy system with the sticky pump. first question. I live in the DFW area in texas, it's not extremly cold but cold none the less, what temp does it have to be for the epoxy? I'm building in my unheated garage, will this be a problem? what ratio of fast and slow hardner should i use? If i use all slow i have a long pot life right....why the need for fast? can I get by with just slow? Is the sticky pump easily adjusted for the correct ratio used by MGS? what do most of y'all do, make copies of the plans for templates or cut out the origional? and lastly any builders in the DFW area out there? Tim Dale
  7. Are there any alternativies to IVO? or are you going to use a fixed prop? If fixed, are most cozy drivers choosing to use a cruise prop to get the high cruise speeds and is this why the take off/landing distances are twice that of an RV 10? I'm sold on the cozy, i'll be ordering my plans next week along with chapters 4-7. I know it will be a few years before I need to worry about this but I do want a plan/budget to follow. incidently I will be building in my garage, It's about 19'x18' will this be big enough? I'm hoping I can wait to attach the wings untill the end. Thanks, Tim
  8. Is anyone planning on using a Mazda rotary engine with an electrical in-flight adjustable prop....like the IVO model? Tim
  9. Is anyone planning on using a Mazda rotary engine with an electrical in-flight adjustable prop....like the IVO model? Tim
  10. I'm ordering my plans for the cozy mk iv next payday :-) I plan on using a mazda rotary to power my bird, for many different reasons. I know cooling can be a problem in some installations, and I live in Texas. Has anyone come up with a good cooling system for this specific engine and plane? I think i remember seeing a guy who installed radiators in the wings or strake area. Has anyone tried this? To combat the noise I plan on using a turbo with minimal boost 4-6 psi. What I was thinking is a norimalization trubo like the eggenfeller subaru. Anyone know if this is difficult to do? I know it will me many moons before i need to worry about an engine install but I want to plan it out in the begining. Thanks, Tim
  11. With the MGS system what pump do you recommend? What are the differences between the 285 and the 335 systems? is one for hot weather and one for cold weather???? Thanks, Tim
  12. I called Aircrafe Spruce (ACS) and asked about the chapter kits. They told me I needed to order the plans, chapter kits 4-25, the section I and secton II kits, and epoxy was not included so i would have to order that separatly. Grand total for all this was $23,000 and change. Either ACS has drastically raised their prices or you guys out there how complete the airframe for less have a better supplier. Can anyone let me know if Aircraft Spruce is wrong about what is needed or if a cheaper/better supplier is out there? Also what eopxy system is recommended? the Guy at ACS said to go with West Systems, but I hear alot about MGS which is better? I live in the DFW area if temp matters. Lastly will I need the smart level right away? and what laser level do you recommend? Thamks, Tim
  13. I'm seriously concidering the Cozy. What do I need to start? If I buy the plans from ACS and their associated chapters kits 4-7 to start with what else will I need besids a few things from home depot to make the jigs? As far as tools go I have a drill press, a table saw, a router table, a cheap jig saw, a cordless drill and various hammers and screwdeivers. Do the ACS chapter kits have everything I need to complete the chapter material wise? Thanks, Tim
  14. In short I want to build a 4 place plane primarily for cross country flight. I really like both the rv 10 and the cozy MK IV. both have excellent support on the net. RV advantages: Pre punched kit Should go together much quicker then a Cozy Larger cabin Much shorter take off and landing operates on rougher fields Can easily be modded to cary my ski's :-) Cozy Advantages Much easier on my wallet Same cruise speed on 80 less HP antennas hidden in the glass mess ups should be easier to fix Can it be modded to cary two sets of ski's????????????? I hope so. What are your thoughts and opinions? I guess I wonder IF i can actually build either and which would be easier for a first time builder with NO experience. Actually I have a little experence with fiberglass (I've made several 4 foot windmill blades) Thnaks for your thoughts Tim
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