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Anyone in North Carolina interested in letting me take a look at their Long EZ and catching a ride?

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I would like to start building my own plane 2 years from now and I have these next 24 months to figure out which plane to build.   The Long EZ is high on my tentative list, but all my experience with them is through pictures or the internet.   Would really like to sit down and talk to an owner of one and then actually sit in one and get a ride.   If anyone in NC has the time I would really appreciate it.

The 2 year time frame is because I’m here in NC for the next 2 years for work.  Toyota is putting a battery plant in Liberty, NC and I’m here to help get it up and running.  I have my 172 at the airport here, Causey, NC74.  So I can fly to meet you wherever.  Thanks


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If you can make it to Airventure in July, you'll be able to try a Long-EZ on for size, along with just about any other plane you can imagine.

I'd recommend you also join the various Facebook Groups and email lists--there's an absolute wealth of information there!

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Sadly Airventure won't be a possibility until I get my 2 years finished down here.   Have to save all vacation to go home and get caught up on my "honey do" list or deal with an unhappy wife.  I was there a few years ago, but at the time wasn't planning to build.  

Kent Ashton has reached out, so hopefully he and I can meet up soon.

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