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Starting a dragonfly


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I am new to the world of homebuilts. I am building a dragonfly. It was started by the previous owner. I was wondering if there are any Dragonfly owner/builders in Arizona whose brain I could pick. Also, if anyone has parts for this airplane I would be interested. The main thing I need is a canopy. I have not found a source for one. The airframe I have had no indication of what model it is. Ie: MK1 or MK 2. The forward wing is complete except for the tips. Is there a way to tell if it was built as an MK 1 with the tip mounted wheels, or the MK 2 with the mid wing landing gear?  Any help would be appreciated. Steve

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Have you joined this group?  https://dragonflylist.groups.io/

I'm sure there are other builders/flyers in AZ.

I think there will be a project relocating to AZ soon.

Regarding the Mk1 or Mk2 question, are there sockets in the bottom surface of the wing?  Does the wing have the standard amount of anhedral?

Answering these should answer Mk1 vs. Mk2, but you can make it anything you want. Hoop gear is also an option.


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Thanks Anthony for your reply. I have so many questions about this project. I will check out the group that you mentioned, hopefully that will help. I was interested in hoop gear but I don’t know where to find any. Also, I don’t know what the standard amount of anhedral is for this airplane. Thanks again for your reply, Steve.

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