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Velocity Mailing List/Locations

Dan Worley

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I know there is a mailing list for Cozy builders, which has a list of some Long EZ and Vari EZ builders/owners as well.  Is there a similar list for individuals that are building or own a Velocity?  I am located in Central Arkansas and am looking to see if there is anyone near me with one.  I couldn't find a similar topic in the search bar.

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On 4/6/2023 at 1:28 PM, Upali said:

If you are already aware, please disregard. Otherwise


should be a better resource for you. Only shortcoming is it is a paid membership.

Thank you.  I think I ran across it once and thought I would check if there was another option.  I went ahead and joined and I was able to track down some builders/owners in my state.  Thank you for the response!

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