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Question about ground attitude AoA


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Hi Folks,

I have been CAD modeling the Q2, but have found difficulty in meeting up with the ground attitude measurements given in the plans addendum.

Of course, if the canard bends the tailwheel height when WL15 is level, will be reduced, but surely not enough to compensate for this apparent error. I know some canards are stiffened to reduce bending, and I have seen photos where some Quickies have a lower tailwheel.

'Anyone got experience or comment on this ?

That's all Folks !









Q2-Assy.3dm Q2-Assy.zip

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Yeah... that's the question. Some people build with extra UD carbon in the spar caps, to ensure the prop is less likely to strike rough ground. In the 3 point stance there seems to be very good prop tip clearance. Anyway, extra UD carbon would make the canard a lot more rigid. Lets see what response this question gets.


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