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Electric Quickie project in Adelaide - Australia

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Hi guys, 

Thought I'd take the small step and join the forum, I purchased the Q1 plans mainly to check it out and see if it can be built by other means.

In Australia its hard finding OG kits here, so I may look at a carbon composite aircraft, or maybe even 3D printing with CCF.

Baby steps at the moment, I ideally would have liked to purchase a kit locally because I aim to make it electric.

Anyway, hope to run into anyone else who is building down under and share some info along the way!!


Kind regards,



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Be careful with CCF 3D printing. It’s not nearly as strong as real CF + epoxy. It’s much stronger than typical plastic 3D printing, but it’s not an alternative to molded carbon fiber.

What I am planning to experiment with is 3D printing fiber glass and carbon fiber molds, but I don’t expect that to be a real alternative either. 

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The hardest thing with 3D printing is the quality control for sure. That and borrowing a $200k machine that has the desired 700mm bed size.

I like what the guys at Darkaero have done, their honeycomb CF construction technique is CNC centric which is all that guys like me have at hand.

There may not be much weight saving between GF and CF when the OG plane is a feather at 110kg.


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