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AkzoNobel 28C-1 Magna Static Pinhole Filler, 1 gal cans...


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Hi all:

I bought at a auction more AkzoNobel 28C-1 Magna Static Pinhole Filler, 1 gal cans than I'll ever use.

1 gallon can = 12 lbs

6/22 expiration date

$25.00/gal + your method of shipping

Bagged & double boxed for shipping.

"Resin content is compatible with most epoxy and polyurethane surfacers and topcoats, and reacts with the applied coating to tightly bind filler particles."

You need to prime your part after the wipe on - cure 2 hours - wipe off process - and don't sand thru the primer!

This only fills pinholes - not craters, fabric edges, gelcoat voids, etc. Use this after all contouring, filling, final sanding, etc. is done. Clean, remove all dust, use pinhole filler, prime, sand.

James Russell
Sequim, WA

Please call or text:
(eight-wun-seven) 6niner1-5465 cell

James Russell

Electric Shadows, Inc.

841 Old Gardiner Rd.

Sequim, WA 98382 USA

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