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VarEze Over heating


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52 minutes ago, deesaysy said:

Presently my oil temp is climbing to 200 degrees. Do I need a oil cooler for my 135Hp Franklin engine.

The first place to look for information on engine limits is in the engine's operators manual, not on some random online forum. The MFG's info, available here:


says that the maximum oil temp is 234F. You don't say what engine you have, but I'm assuming the 4 cylinder Franklin, and I'd be surprised if the oil temp limits were different.

In any case, 200 < 234, so no - you don't need an oil cooler if the temps stay below 220F or so.

On Long-EZ's, everyone uses an oil cooler (and needs them). On Variezes with O-200's, some have coolers, some don't. Don't know what the few folks with O-235's and O-320's on VE's do - I'd assume that like on the Long-EZ's, they'd need a cooler.

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