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I have a copy of that report and learned quite a bit by talking with two of my neighbors at Western Air Park.   One of them was one of the test pilots. The other was in charge of construction at Fort Lewis where two Longezes were made.   Some quick comments on the two:

(1) Both were built using a parts and materials fund; that was not exactly legal but the did it.

(2) At that time, the Air Force had to protect all of our ground forces; that changed and the Army got some flying aircraft.

(3) There was a fire during flight and the plane burned; the test pilot was not hurt.

(4) They had the original rudders which ;most people have never seen; they were square

(5) One or both were taken to Mojave for testing but one burned in Washington state.

(6) One of the officers flew one in a demonstration for some U.S. senators.   They had a large grandstand and the Loneze made a "simulated" attack in foreign forces, flying below the level of the granstand.    Some senators were impressed.

(6) Some time after that Bert Rutan designed a canard  with a jet engine and a 30mm cannon.

Only one otfthose was made.   It flew in a movie (maybe the worst flying movie ever made).

(7) The 1st attempt to build one resulted in a "rough" job but it flew better than the nice looking one

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