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E mag Cooling

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My mid-time O-360 came with P-Mags which I removed and sold to an RV builder.  There seem to more problems with P-Mags on our pusher canards then on other aircraft designs, and a common problem was that one P-Mag would fire the plugs at the wrong time, causing the engine to produce no power.  In a more typical magneto or EI failure, the other ignition keeps you going... but if an ignition fires at the wrong time then you may lose power.  To me a loss of timing failure is like losing both ignitions...

Some canard fliers do use P-Mags with success... here is a link to how Nick Ugolini cooled his P-Mags on his Long-EZ (which I think he has sold).






Andrew Anunson

I work underground and I play in the sky... no problem

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