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Long EZ gear fittings on varieze?

eric r

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I'm doing a varieze upgrade and will be putting Long EZ main gear bow attach fittings along with a new Long EZ bow. Also putting in an EZ Nose lift, so I'm redoing the NG30's and lengthening the nose a small amount to make room for forward mounting brake system. I already have the main gear bow, nose-lift, and new nose strut (and castings, bearings, etc.), along with new grove brakes/wheels.


Has anybody done this swap?

(Undamaged airplane, low hours, built with Rosenthals and manual push pull nose gear actuator)

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Very shortly after purchasing our Vari the gear bow started to break out of the belly!  So we did a long ez bow conversion to our Vari.  JetGuys in TN did the work for us, was too critical and too time consuming for us to do on our own.  They also put in a hell hole access panel on the bottom which is absolutely awesome.

We also put new Matco axles, wheels and brakes at the same time.

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Yes, I remember seeing that pictured on internet some time back. Mine already has the access panel and there is no damage, so a "simple" remove and modify.

Taking a look, measuring, and comparing VEZ and LEZ plans, it appears very doable. My only concern/challenge is in adding the 15 bid layers over the area required for rearmost attachment area in the confined space . No room to trim excess, so it has to be exact. I do however have vacuum bagging equipment which will help with clamping concerns.

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