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Please allow me to introduce myself...

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My name is Ray, currently live in Kent, England. I am about to retrain after working in education in some years to be an aerospace engineer, was looking for more information on the Long-EZ and stumbled across the Open-EZ. I am here to watch for now with a view to building in the future. I was training for my PPL before the current hoohah nixed that. Very interested in canard aircraft, in particular love Rutan designs (I've had a bit of obsession with his Proteus aircraft recently). Thank you for allowing me to join your forum. 

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Welcome to the group.   I suggest that you join the "Canard Owners and Builders".   It is a group of about 1000, many of which are just wanting to build or just starting to build.  We have a32 page newsletter (now in color) for $39 in the U.S.   ! don't know about outside.   The newsletter comes 4 times per year.   I assume we get the directory in Jan. which was the usual practice in the past.    There is more info on https://canardowners.com

The directory will list several members who are ourside the U.S.: British, French, Australian.

Also see https://facebook.con/Central States Association.

The guys really running the editing and printing get a lot os news and suggestions but the change to color is very recent.    My particular copy is quite damaged by the USPS but I can read most of it.   The first 26 pages are VERY good compared to the black and white ones done for many years.    Back issues of several quarters are still available from Terry Schubert.


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