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Aerocanard kit for sale


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Get a BIG head start on your delightful build with this wonderful Aerocanard FG kit. It's in great shape, having been stored in climate controlled comfort it's entire life. It's resting comfortably on the shelves of my workshop at this moment, but it is dreaming of loving hands crafting it into the sleek stallion of the skies it is destined to become. Please allow me to deliver (at cost) this feast of composite goodness to your willing hands...

The complete list of parts is notated in the pictures but to whet your appetite here are the main parts: The complete molded PVC/vacuum bagged composite fuselage shell top and bottom halves with epoxy primer outer coat. Yum. Two premolded match drilled with bolt hole bushings main spars. Oh, just shoot me already and send it to me!!! But wait, there's more... The delectable curved lines of the foam core for the wings are already CNC cut with level lines in place. Wow, I'm getting woozy... things just aren't seeming level right now.

I tell you what. Why don't you just drool over the pictures right now (don't mind the little bit of dust - it just adds a little flavor) and then just send me your money. $4000 for nirvana. And hey, I might even negotiate with you a little. That way we can both tell our Missus' that we made a great deal!!

Alright, let the frenzy begin...

IMG_20191002_143155 (2).jpg

IMG_20191002_143015 (2).jpg

IMG_20191002_143005 (2).jpg

IMG_20191002_142958 (2).jpg


IMG_20191002_151308 (2).jpg

IMG_20191002_151339 (2).jpg

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Alright, now that your curiosity is piqued,  the I-beam straightedges are indeed damaged. Bent on one end. Kinda defeats the purpose of a straightedge. No biggie. The instrument panel is marked as damaged but it is just a scratch. Certainly an issue if being bought as new but used not an issue at all.

Those of you with good memories or curiousity or both (or neither) should be aware that there is a prior post on this forum. I did buy it, it's in good shape but I no longer have the job I had and need to sell. Unfortunately.

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