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Strong vs Atkinson Pitch Trim

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I've searched and read the board posts about the different pitch trim options.  I search and found a set of plans for the Atkinson Pitch Trim setup, and it looks pretty straight forward to install/build.  My only question is does anyone have this installed in a Varieze?  If so, did you have to modify length at all?  I found this image on the cozy site...I think...like I said, I do quite a bit of searching.

I have the Strong system now, and it doesn't move very well.  I've cleaned it up, lubed it with gun oil, ran it up and down outside the aircraft and it works, but it still ratchets from time to time.  Not a 100% need to replace today, but is on my radar as I get the bugs worked out.

Atkinson Pitch Trim.jpg

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