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Service bulletin 2019-02 has been launched

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As part of our continuous development and devotion to our concept “Easy to install”, ULPOWER has designed a built-in by-pass solution which will be installed as standard equipment on all new engines. (May 2019).

Field experience shows that certain aircraft fuel systems may, under certain conditions, allow varying amounts of air to enter the fuel supply lines (empty tanks/switching tanks, unporting of tanks, etc); this appears to be one of the most common reasons for engine stoppages. If at some point in flight, sufficient air is ingested to the system, the pressurized fuel lines will need to re-prime with fuel, displacing the air. The more air that is in the lines the longer it will take to clear and return to normal running. Air over the injectors at the time of opening will result in loss of power and/or engine stoppage. The most common solution for this issue is to install a restricted by-pass unit between the pressurized fuel supply line and the fuel return line.

Devoted to our “easy to install” concept, ULPower has now designed a fuel injector block with integrated by-pass.
This new design will not only be installed on all new engines leaving the ULPower factory (May 2019), the integrated by-pass solution may also be retro-fitted on older engines. The procedure can be downloaded here . RETROFIT AN INJECTOR HOLDER WITH INTEGRATED BYPASS

The integrated by-pass kits (K1100001 for UL260/350 and K1100002 for UL390/520) can be ordered through your local ULPower dealer who can also assist you are feeling unsure about performing this procedure

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