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  1. ULPower News

    New service bulletin has been launched

    A new service bulletin has been launched on our website . http://ulpower.com/content/service-bulletins/service-bulletin-2018_03.pdf?1542358490 We would also like to draw your attention to our planned manuals update expected at early in December. As you may know, we launched a service bulletin in July after a user reported a loosened alternator bolt. We are pleased to note that no further field issues have been reported . After extensive R&D, and advice from specialists, we have decided to annul this service bulletin. Specialist have confirmed that left hand thread and loctite is a well proven method for this application. Furthermore , the required actions mentioned in the service bulletin and in the maintenance manuals may have a negative effect on safety if the work is carried out incorrectly. Even though the instructions in the SB and maintenance are well explained, there is always the risk of turning the bolt in the opposite direction and, breaking the the loctite seal which may create its own issues. Therefore, the alternator bolt check will be removed in the next update of the maintenance manual. Do feel free to contact us, or your local ULPower agent, should you require any clarifications or more detailed info on this service bulletin. An e-mail has been sent to all registered ULPower-engine owners. If you would like to receive a warning when a new service bulletin is launched, please register your engine on thecontact page on our website. (mention newsletter + serial number + e-mail address) View the full article
  2. ULPower News

    New service point in the US

    View the full article
  3. ULPower News

    Visit us at Midwest LSA Expo

    Visit us at the Midwest LSA Expo in Mount Vernon Ilinois later this week . For more info on http://midwestlsaexpo.com/ View the full article
  4. ULPower News

    ULPower at Blois & Sywell

    No plans for the weekend ? Why don't you go to the l LAA Sywell rally this weekend ? The Metal Seagulls team will try to beat the Oshkosh One Week Wonder record by building a ULPowered Zenith Cruzer in just 3 days ! Or you could go to the Salon ULM where Jean Michel, Max and Yann from Aeromax Services will tell you all about ULPower engines. View the full article
  5. It's that time of the year again ; Oshkosh time ! Whether you come to fly or come to watch, when you visit EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, you experience the world's greatest aviation celebration. More info on http://www.eaa.org/en/airventure You can find Robert Helms and Ray Lawrence at the Zenith booth (North Aircraft Display area - 641 ) or the Chipper Aerospace /Belite(Ultra light display area - 914) booth this year. We hope to see you there ! View the full article
  6. Come and admire our engines at the Bias Airschow . Mihai, our agent for Romania, will gladly introduce you into the world of ULP and tell you all about the features and benefits of a ULPower Aero Engine. View the full article
  7. ULPower News

    New service bulletin launched

    As a part of our continuous developments and a result of field experience, a number of important changes to our engine maintenance schedules have been introduced. One of these changes covers the checking of the torque of the alternator flange bolt. Please check our latest service bulletin on our website. Go to engines and click on the engine you have (e.g. UL350IS) , select the tab " service bulletins" and go to the file "2018-02" Always use the latest mainteance manuals . They can be downloaded from our website http://ulpower.com/en/engines/ where you can find the manuals on the related engine pages by clicking on the tab “manuals”. A detailed lists of changes made, can be found at the last page of the manual. View the full article
  8. ULPower News

    E-mail server hacked

    Dear customer, Our e-mail server has been hacked on Sunday (25/06). If you receive no answer to a mail you have sent, please send it again. View the full article
  9. ULPower News

    ULP at Igualada

    Come visit our booth at the Igualada Airshow on 19 and 20 May. Sergio Luiten, our ULPower agent, will gladly introduce you into the world of modern full fadec engines. View the full article
  10. Quoi faire ce weekend ? Venez rencontrer l'équipe de Aéromax Services au meeting aérien à l'aérodrome de Gap-Tallard. View the full article
  11. ULPower News

    Popham microlight tradefair

    Do you want to discover the ULPower engines ? Jonathan and Patricia from Metal Seagulls will tell you all about our engines at the Popham microlight trade fairon 5 +6 May. View the full article
  12. Checking your engine data has never been more simple. The new ULRead diagnostic software for ULPower Aero Engines is now availble ! Download your free software here http://ulpower.com/en/accessories/ulread-software View the full article
  13. ULPower News

    ULPower at Aero Friedrichshafen

    The ULPower Aero Engine team will be at Aero in Germany (18-21 April 2018) – stand B3-106 – where you will be made most welcome to see inside the ULPower engine… Check out ULPower.news regularly if you want to find out the new features that will be presented at Aero Friedrichshafen. View the full article
  14. ULPower News

    Time for Sun N Fun in Lakeland, Florida !

    It's that time of the year again . Go find theULPower Guy in Paradise City, booth 45 at the Sun N Fun fly-in. He will gladly tell you everything there is to know about our engines. View the full article
  15. Due to bad weather conditions, the 37th EAA gathering in Argentina has been reschudeled to 24 + 25 March. Visit our ULPower man, Mr. Sergio Luiten and the team from Taller Aeronautico Santo Tomé ,at the major EAA gathering for experimental aviation in Argentina. (17 + 18 March ) http://eaaargentina.org/categoria.asp?id=392 You can also meet the people from Ibis Aircraft who will have flown their ULPowered Magic GS-730 from Colombia to Argentina by that time. View the full article