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  1. As a result of field experience, our maintenance schedule and maintenance manual, have been updated. The updates are related to the UL520T (turbo) engine. A detailed lists of changes made, can be found at the last page of the manual. View the full article
  2. As a part of our continuous developments and a result of field experience, a number of important changes to our engine installation instructions, maintenance schedules, operations manual manual have been introduced. A detailed lists of changes made, can be found at the last page of the manual. View the full article
  3. A Service bulletin SB20212-02 about the mandatory inspection of the connected TPS channel has been launched. You can find more about this report by clicking this link. Owners who have registered their engine will receive a personal e-mail. If you haven't registered yet, please fill in our contact form . Don't forgt to mention your engine serial number. View the full article
  4. In 2020 a service bulletin about a possible oil weep through the hall sensors was launched. Field reports have shown that the 10Nm that were initially mentioned in the SB, will be too much for the studs that hold the hall sensors. In order to prevent damage to the engine casing, the torque values have been rectified to 6 Nm. Please only take into account the current version of SB2020-02 RECTIFIED View the full article
  5. Based on customer feed back , the new ULRead diagnostic software for ULPower Aero Engines, have now been improved. Checking your engine data has never been more simple. Engine sensors can easily be monitored - even in flight - and recorded. Make sure to download the ULRead 2.0 version from our website View the full article
  6. ULPower network expanding: new sales & service point in Switzerland . Aerogroup SA, a Swiss based Part 145 maintenance organization, operating from two locations La Chaux-de-Fonds Airport (LSGC) and Neuchâtel Airport (LSGN), has recently taken up the ULPower dealership. The team at Aerogroup is specialized in aircraft maintenance ranging from general aviation, to turbo prop airplanes and more and more frequently also light aircraft. The decision of distributing the ULPower engines in Switzerland was the logical next step. There is an increasing demand by Light aircraft owners to replace their legacy engines by modern engines. ULPower offer a broad range of fuel injected, aircooled, full fadec engines (97hp to 200hp) which will meet the expectations of these pilots. Jean Luc Rosenfeld and Patrick Lehner are looking forward to sharing our experience and knowledge with the Experimental Aviation of Switzerland. Jean Luc, salesmanager at Aerogroup, explains : La maintenance d’aéronefs est un des services fondamentaux de notre entreprise qui est en pleine croissance. Elle est le reflet de notre excellence opérationnelle, certifiée aux normes européennes EASA PART-145. Tous nos travaux d’entretien s’accomplissent dans des infrastructures et des équipements récents. Avec des centres d’activité à La Chaux-de-Fonds «Les Eplatures Airport» et à Colombier «Neuchâtel Airport», nous sommes stratégiquement bien positionnés en Europe par rapport à des pays comme la France, l’Allemagne, l’Autriche ou l’Italie. Outre notre expérience dans l’entretien aéronautique, la réparation et la réfection d’avions légers destiné à garantir la sécurité des appareils qui nous sont confiés, nous garantissons une capacité de maintenance spécifique, spécialisée et personnalisée des aéronefs mono et multi moteurs ainsi que l’installation et la modification de systèmes électriques et avioniques. Et maintenant, en tant que revendeur ULPower, nous pouvons également offrir un alternatif moderne,avec système d’injection multipoint FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control), refroidis par air et avec un entraînement direct sans réducteur, aux pilotes. Rendez-nous visite et découvrez les avantages et caractéristiques des moteurs ULP ! AERO GROUP SA www.aerogroup.ch info@aerogroup.ch T : + 41 32 525 45 00 View the full article
  7. Based on customer feed back , the new ULRead diagnostic software for ULPower Aero Engines, have now been improved. Checking your engine data has never been more simple. Engine sensors can easily be monitored - even in flight - and recorded. Make sure to download the ULRead 1.8 version from our website View the full article
  8. As part of our continuous development and devotion to our concept “Easy to install”, ULPOWER has designed a built-in by-pass solution which will be installed as standard equipment on all new engines. (May 2019). Field experience shows that certain aircraft fuel systems may, under certain conditions, allow varying amounts of air to enter the fuel supply lines (empty tanks/switching tanks, unporting of tanks, etc); this appears to be one of the most common reasons for engine stoppages. If at some point in flight, sufficient air is ingested to the system, the pressurized fuel lines will need to re-prime with fuel, displacing the air. The more air that is in the lines the longer it will take to clear and return to normal running. Air over the injectors at the time of opening will result in loss of power and/or engine stoppage. The most common solution for this issue is to install a restricted by-pass unit between the pressurized fuel supply line and the fuel return line. Devoted to our “easy to install” concept, ULPower has now designed a fuel injector block with integrated by-pass. This new design will not only be installed on all new engines leaving the ULPower factory (May 2019), the integrated by-pass solution may also be retro-fitted on older engines. The procedure can be downloaded here . RETROFIT AN INJECTOR HOLDER WITH INTEGRATED BYPASS The integrated by-pass kits (K1100001 for UL260/350 and K1100002 for UL390/520) can be ordered through your local ULPower dealer who can also assist you are feeling unsure about performing this procedure View the full article
  9. A new service bulletin has been launched on our website . http://ulpower.com/content/service-bulletins/service-bulletin-2018_03.pdf?1542358490 We would also like to draw your attention to our planned manuals update expected at early in December. As you may know, we launched a service bulletin in July after a user reported a loosened alternator bolt. We are pleased to note that no further field issues have been reported . After extensive R&D, and advice from specialists, we have decided to annul this service bulletin. Specialist have confirmed that left hand thread and loctite is a well proven method for this application. Furthermore , the required actions mentioned in the service bulletin and in the maintenance manuals may have a negative effect on safety if the work is carried out incorrectly. Even though the instructions in the SB and maintenance are well explained, there is always the risk of turning the bolt in the opposite direction and, breaking the the loctite seal which may create its own issues. Therefore, the alternator bolt check will be removed in the next update of the maintenance manual. Do feel free to contact us, or your local ULPower agent, should you require any clarifications or more detailed info on this service bulletin. An e-mail has been sent to all registered ULPower-engine owners. If you would like to receive a warning when a new service bulletin is launched, please register your engine on thecontact page on our website. (mention newsletter + serial number + e-mail address) View the full article
  10. View the full article
  11. Visit us at the Midwest LSA Expo in Mount Vernon Ilinois later this week . For more info on http://midwestlsaexpo.com/ View the full article

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