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Following on from my ad below, here are photos and prices of additional items. I don't see any way to delete or edit a post so I haven't been able to remove the exhaust system, now sold. The other items in the first ad are still available.


Magnetic vertical compass, Precision PAI 700 USD200    

Oil coolers, USD250   

Vacuum pump  USD40  

Prop extensions x 2 USD275 

Throttle quadrant USD45

2 x canopy breaker built to mil spec - USD50 ea   *ONE SOLD

Post lights x14  USD50 

Fuel caps USD50 for two


Also have an alternator, intercom, air vents. Please enquire.



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Hi Bruce:


I'll buy:


1) Aero Antenna Technology Aircraft GPS Antenna PN-AT-575-4     Good condition. USD $20


2) canopy breaker built to mil spec  USD $50


Please let me know how you want to be paid.


My ship-to:


James Russell

Electric Shadows, Inc.

841 Old Gardiner Rd.

Sequim, WA 98382



Slow boat shipping is fine.




James Russell

Electric Shadows, Inc.

841 Old Gardiner Rd.

Sequim, WA 98382 USA

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Hi James,


Thank you. I will get the cheapest shipping price today and let you know. The two items don't weigh much according to the bathroom scales.


Regarding payment, are you able to make a bank transfer to a US bank account in USD? Or you could send a cashiers cheque in USD to an address in California. As soon as you say you've mailed it, I will ship the items. Or I could send a paypal invoice in Aussie dollars but I think there's a fee.


Kind regards,


Jackie (wife and secretary)

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Hi again,

Just checking whether you've received my messages about postage costs for these parts. I removed them from other advertising sites but would like to re-advertise if you're no longer interested. If you could let me know either way, it would be appreciated.



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