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Interesting way to rediscover Canards

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So last week I decided to take an employee on a $100 hamburger run, so we hopped into the Archer 2. Departed out of KLOU and landed in 2I3 for a burger, low and behold we landed in Canard mecca. I had heard about the event and even followed Burt as a kid in the development but life got in the way. As a club renter currently I have been batting around the idea of buying or building an Experimental. I love to build things, but I also love to fly things. Anyway, had a little time around the burger to look at some planes and talked to a couple of people but back to work and didn't return. Over the weekend I kinda wish I had though as the thought of one of these has stuck with me. Bottom line is I would like to hitch a ride in a Long-ez or Cozy. Is there a way of finding someone close. Very cool event but if you have ever flown into Rough River when there isn't an event going on, lets just say I almost flew over the airport as I am not used to seeing that many planes there. 


I am roughly 5'11 and 245lbs and pretty wide in the shoulders, how does that work in a Long-ez? Whats the comfort on a 2 hour cross country, comparable to a Cherokee or no? 

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