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SOLD: Full Hardware / Metal Parts Pkg for Cozy MkIV - $850 or best offer

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For Sale -- 90% of the Brock metal parts (and 100% of the expensive ones!) and probably most of the hardware required to complete a Cozy MkIV (bolts, nuts, rivets, flexible couplings, bearings, etc). 


Brock parts are inventoried below - the AC spruce and Wicks hardware is not inventoried, but is all labeled & organized -- see the photo below, includes nuts, bolts, flexible couplings, rivets, etc...



Asking $850 for the whole lot or best offer (added all up, it's well over 2k retail)


Chapt: 9

(4x)      MKMG-4 Bushing, Main Gear Mounting

(2x)      MKMGA Spacer / Sleeve Assembly 


Chapt 11:

(4x)     NC-2 Hinge Insert

(6x)     NC-3 Hinge Plate Assembly

(1x)     NC-5a Pitch Trim Bellcrank

(2x)     NC-6   Torque Tube End Plug

(2x)     Hinge Jig

(1x)     MKNC-12A Torque Tube Offset Left

(1x)     MKNC-12A Torque Tube Offset Right


Chapt 12:

(2x)     CNL Aluminum Bushing

(2x)     CN2 Bushing          


Chapt 15:

(2x)     CS-72 Rudder cable pulley bracket 29 deg


Chapt 16:

(2x)     CZSA Stick Assembly

(4x)     CS-1A Pushrod threaded Insert, AL

(10x)   CS-50 Pushrod Threaded insert

(4x) CS-108 / 117 Control System Bearing Assembly

(1x)     MKCS124 L Control Torque Tube Bellcrank Left

(1x)     MKCS124 4 Control Torque Tube Bellcrank Right

(4x)     CS-181 Pushrod disconnect

(8x)     CS-201 Bushing


Chapt 17:

(1x)     CZRTH Roll Trim Handle

(1x)     RT-2L Roll Trim Bracket Left

(1x)     RT-2R Roll Trim Bracket Right


Chapt 19:

(2x)     CS-128 Bellcrank Aileron Linkage

(4x)     CS-127 Bracket, Aileron Bellcrank Linkage

(2x)     CS-132 / 152 Bellcrank Aileron Tube & Bearing Tubes

(2x)     CS-131 Spacer, Aileron Bellcrank Linkage

(2x)     A2 Bracket, Inboard Aileron Hinge Mount

(4x)     A5 Bracket, Outboard Aileron Hinge Mount

(12x)   LWA-9 Bushing, Wing Bolt


Chapt 20:

(2x)     Hidden Rudder Bellhorn

(1x)     CS-301R  Rudder Horn Right

(1x)     CS-301L Rudder Horn Left











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