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Whatever happened to the Junqua Aircraft website?


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Just out of curiosity I was researching the Ibis canard. I'm not planning on building one, but I was curious to see what other tandem canards have been designed besides the Vari-eze and Long EZ. The wikipedia article had a link too the designer website: http://www.junqua-aircraft.com/ . I clicked on it. Instead of finding the designer's site, I found myself at a site featuring an article on breast-enhancing creams, of all things. Huh.


The domain name www.junqua-aircraft.com seems to be owned by a web portal devoted to aromatherepy and women's health issues now. Hard to imagine a less relevant domain name for such things, actually. :confused: Whatever happened to the original manufacturer's site? Is he no longer in the business of selling plans for the Ibis? Seems a pity for an interesting little canard like this to go away.

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Thanks for the link. I also found this site: http://ibis.experimentals.de/ which seems to be the only web site with any substantial information on the Ibis. No inkling on whether plans are still available (and AFAIK the designer still wouldn't support US builders). There aren't that many recent messages on the Yahoo Group, and those going back the past two years are mostly about the difficulty of obtaining a set of plans, and the fact that the designer refuses to recognize anyone but the original buyer (as well as refusing builders in his "black-list" of countries). I wonder if they are still available at all?

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