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Cargo/Luggage pods for the LE


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Gary Hunter just posted this on another forum/mail list.


As many of you may know, I have been producing my Bag-Eze baggage pods since 1985.  The design was originated by the late Bruce Tifft around 1982.  I met Bruce at the South West Regional Fly In (SWRFI) in Kerrville Texas, when he was sporting his creation on his turbo-charged Lycoming 0-235 powered yellow Vari-Eze.   He called them - B’s Baggage.  At the time, he had no intention of marketing the pods.  He was too busy building propellors.  However, he did provide me information about the design parameters so that I could replicate them for my own Vari-Eze.  If I made them and installed them - it was my risk, not his.  It wasn’t long after my airplane first flew with them in 1984, that I began getting calls from people wanting to buy copies for their airplane.   Since Bruce had reservations about marketing them, and the design information he provided was intended for me only, I felt is was appropriate to ask Bruce for permission before selling them to others.  He graciously allowed me to take his design forward under my name and sell them to others.  
So for the past 30, years I have been producing Bag-Eze baggage pod kits in various forms.  First was the slow build kit that required assembly of the pod halves before installation.  Then I developed a quick-build version that allowed the builder to go straight to the installation steps - greatly reducing the time to completion.  And after the Cozy MkIV arrived, I made a slightly larger version that more appropriately fits the larger dimensions of that aircraft - and called them the MkIV’s.  I even developed an inverted mono-pod version for the underbelly of conventional aircraft - even tail draggers.   Each version comes with a very thorough installation guide providing you with all the installation tips and tricks I acquired from installing several sets myself.   So these are the originals folks - not stolen copies.   
Many of you know me as your “epoxy resin guru” - having worked the epoxy resin / composites industry all of my life (42 yrs; first with Shell Chemical, then Akzo Nobel, and finally with Dow Chemical. During that period of time, I worked on projects involving Beechcraft and the Starship, McDonald Douglas, Cirrus Aircraft, NASA, Raytheon Missile Systems, D’Shannon Aviation, Starflight LLC and finally - Airbus.  During much of that time, I was Crew Chief for Bruce Bohannon and his Pushy Galore F1 racer, and the EXXON Flyin’ Tiger setting 36 world records in total.   Needless to say, I am tired of working on other people’s stuff, and it is time for me to work on my own.    
So, I have decided to retire, not only from Dow Chemical, but from the production of Bag-Eze baggage pods as well .   However, this does not mean the end of Bag-Eze baggage pods.   Today, I am happy to announce the transfer of all production and marketing rights of the Bag-Eze baggage pods to Dale Martin of Owl Eagle Aerial Composites.  Dale’s high level workmanship combined with the same high quality epoxy resin systems and reinforcements that I have used, assures you the pods from Owl Eagle Aerial Composites, will be the same high quality pods you are familiar with.    
And.. have no fear, I will still be lurking in the email forums - making sure you guys and gals don’t run amuck with the sticky stuff. 
And, last but not least - THANK YOU. 
Contact info for Dale Martin
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