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I have a question or two about Flutter testing.  The Long EZ POH states that Flutter testing starts at 130K and increases in 5K increments to 190K. the procedure then states the rudder pedal is to be kicked each direction and jab the stick in each direction to verify the controls return to trimmed flight within one cycle.  My concern is the POH also states that Abrupt use of controls are prohibited above 120K. 

I have just installed the High Performance Rudders and re-balanced the elevators on the plane I purchased 2 years ago. Waiting for the FAA to sign off and begin the required flight testing. 

I need someone preferably with former test pilot training to comment on what the proper procedure is to test for flutter. The POH contradicts its self, you can not jab the stick or kick a rudder at 190 KTS if Abrupt use of controls are prohibited above 120KTS. I want to do the testing correctly and as safe as possible.

Please comment



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