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Low oil temp and roll trim servo question


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G'day All,


Hope someone might be able to help me out with a couple of question regarding my Vari-eze.



The first one relates to oil temp.


Does anyone know a good product to wrap the 0-200 oil tank in so as to raise the oil temp.  Presently I am seeing around 155 F and it is just not hot enough to assist in vaporising condensation.  As a result and following a period of the engine being inhibited I discovered a LOT of sludge and varnish in the sump.  Some of this is attributed to the 4 years in storage with Phillips Anti Rust Oil in the sump but much is attributed to the prior 3 years of infrequent use (25 hrs/yr) generally comprised of 3 or 4 flights. Previous to that I had been up around the 125 hrs/yr for 8 - 9 years and when the sump was removed it was ok.


I have now been reunited with my bird (no wasn't in prison just a job location precluded access) and will once again get the hours up around the 50 - 100 p/a.  However I would still like to get those oil temps up around the 180 mark so insulating the tank is the go, just what best to use. Anyone else been down this road?


Second question.


I am not the original builder but have owned this machine for 16 years and the roll trim built into the R/H wing has recently expired anyone know what it should be replaced with?







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On my C85 when I bought it, it came with a pice of sheet metal that was bolted along with the top screws of the tank, I'm not sure what type of aircraft my engine was previously on but I'm assuming that it had the same problem. To better describe it, it was like a heat shield on a motorcycle exhaust pipe with about a quarter inch gap not rubbing on the tank. The O200 tank is a bit larger and if you happen to find a fabricated baffle, not sure that it will bolt up to the back side of the tank. It think the bolt pattern prevents you from putting it on backwards. What you can do is mask off the tank and make one out of fiberglass to match the contour of the tank. I haven't fired up mine yet but I may have the same problem.


As far as the trim servo goes, I would try to test it with a power source, it may be a bad switch or broken wire near the wing attachment area. If you verified all of that, the i think it's a servo motor for a remote control plane. Any local hobby shop should have them in stock. If you have the built plans, it should have the info.


I'm not an expert but hope this helps.

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