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The Canard Zone is introducing the optional Verified Member status upgrade for the consideration of all members.
Building and flying airplanes is a rather challenging endeavor, especially when many of the canard types being discussed at The Canard Zone are no longer supported by "the factory".  The factories no longer exist.  In essence, we, the community, have become "the factory" and as such it is in our collective best interest to develop friendly relationships on a first name basis.  
The Canard Zone has always encouraged the use of full names, with a few reasons being:

  • Knowing people by name fosters easier relationships and a better overall community -- there is an innate human desire to know who you are shaking hands with, whether in the physical or virtual world (here).
  • Knowing one's name builds trust and credibility.
  • The tendency to "troll" and write personally offensive posts is reduced (although this is not acceptable behavior at The Canard Zone, it's best not to have to moderate it at all).

Rather than leave personal introductions to private messages and outside emails, The Canard Zone will continue to encourage and promote the use of real names by all members.  
Display Names
By default your Display Name is the same as your user name from when you created your Canard Zone account.  For a variety of reasons you may or may not want to change your Display Name (security, readability, just want a different name, etc.) and this is possible.  Just send an email to jonmatcho@gmail.com requesting the change.
Please understand the following options remain available:

  • Anonymous members (those not willing to share their identity with other Canard Zone members) shall remain entirely welcome at The Canard Zone and are able to post and read the forums as they have always been.
  • "Handles" or "Call sign" type Display Names (ex. "EZ Flyer", "AirplaneNut", etc.) are ENTIRELY ACCEPTABLE.
    • All members may use "handle" Display Names.
    • Verified Members can opt to show "handle" Display Names as well, provided their Real Name is filled out in their Profile.
  • Verified Members are required to provide their Full Name (first and last) along with a Location (general area).

IMPORTANT:  In order to support the additional information Verified Members have been willing to provide in their profiles (ex. name, address, and phone numbers), effective immediately, only Verified Members will have access to the Member List going forward.  This is now required as a courtesy to those offering additional personal information for purposes of contacting other Verified Members outside of this forum.  ONLY VERIFIED MEMBERS HAVE ACCESS TO THIS INFORMATION.
If you would like to become a Verified Member, simply send an email to jonmatcho@gmail.com requesting to become a Verified Member.
That's it!

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Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
Now:  Rebuilding Quickie Tri-Q200 N479E
Next:  Resume building a Cozy Mark IV

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