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Zenith Aircraft Company and UL Power Announce Availability of Firewall Forward Kit

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Zenith Aircraft Company and UL Power Announce Availability of Firewall Forward Kit

Zenith Aircraft Company and UL Power North America, LLC, are pleased to announce availability of the complete firewall forward kits for the CH 650 kit aircraft following the successful installation and testing of the 130-hp UL350iS powerplant in the sleek low-wing CH 650 cruiser.’

Under the sleek new fiberglass cowl the firewall-forward engine package includes the modern technology direct drive, air cooled, light weight and fuel efficient UL350iS aircraft engine.  The 130-hp powerplant is a horizontally-opposed four-cylinder four-stroke air-cooled engine with FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control): multipoint electronic fuel injection with automatic altitude and temperature compensation. The full firewall-forward kit includes everything builders need to install the engine in their Zenith airframe, including engine mount, oil cooler, fuel pumps, propeller and spinner, and fiberglass cowl.

Robert Helms, general manager of UL Power North America, said “The UL Power engines will propel Zenith aircraft to the next level with modern FADEC and unmatched fuel efficiency.  We are very pleased to be working with Zenith Aircraft Company.  Our complete product line ranging the UL260i at 97-HP to the UL350iS at 130-HP will be available in various Zenith kit aircraft models.”

“We’ve been flying our factory demonstrator CH650 with the 130-hp UL350iS for a few months now and we’re extremely pleased with the performance and operation of this engine,” said Sebastien Heintz, president of Zenith Aircraft Company.  “We plan to offer the same firewall-forward kit also to our STOL CH 750 customers, since the two designs share the same firewall.”


In related news, UL Power North America is also pleased to announce the appointment of Vertical Performance Services as its service center: “As we continue our growth in North America it is critical that we have local service and support that is familiar with the modern technology embodied in the UL Power line of engines,” said Helms.  “Vertical Performance has been working with FADEC systems in aircraft engines since 1986 and brings a wealth of experience to benefit customers across North America.”

About Zenith Aircraft Company:
Since 1992, Zenith Aircraft Company has been producing kits of the popular line of Chris Heintz two-seat all-metal aircraft designs, including the CH 650 low-wing cruiser and the high-wing STOL CH 750 light sport utility kit aircraft.  The all-metal aircraft, which can be flown by Sport Pilots, can be built from complete kits (in as few as 350 hours), component buy-as-you-build kits, or entirely scratch-built from blueprints.  A number of different engine choices are available to power the CH 650 or the high-wing CH 750, including the new UL Power engines.  Details: www.zenithair.com

About UL Power of North America, LLC:
UL Power of North America, LLC is an independently owned and operated company with the exclusive distribution rights to the UL Power Aero Engines nv products in the United States and Canada. The new company is working with several American manufacturers to develop firewall-forward packages and installation support for its engine line in popular light aircraft, including the Zenith CH 650 and STOL CH 750, RV-12, Rans S-19, and the Just Aircraft Highlander.  The UL Power engines are manufactured in Belgium (Europe) by ULPower Aero Engines nv, a company formed in 2006 solely to design and manufacture modern light aircraft engines, and backed by experienced technical partner companies.
Learn more at www.ULPower.net

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