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steve,s wings

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just set up the wings so i can drill the spar.

after setting up a water level it looks like the wing fits the spar fine, but the water is off by 1/2" Wing tip low.

if i fix the wing so the water line 17.4 is right then i have the root of the wing a little lower then the spar 1/4".

can i build the plane with the wing tips 1/2" low ?

or do i fill the strake ?

Steve M. Parkins

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i have drilled the top outer bolt hole, and have it snug.

i have lifted the wing tip so the water line is dead on the forward LE.

i can see a smidgen(3/16") of the wing sticking down past the spar root.

i think this is the best i can get it.

i will now drill the lower/outer and inner bolt hole.

PS. i had to grind out a little glass to get the nut on, any tricks to getting glass back in side the hole ? or will flox do it ?

Steve M. Parkins

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