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IFR CDI size rules


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Bit of a long shot question.


I'm looking to get my LE IFR certified, its currently NVFR and just needs a TSO'ed GPS (Garmin 430) and a CDI. A 2 1/2" (MD222-406) fits the panel, a 3 1/4" presents problems.


The installers now tell me that the smaller size may not be legal for IFR according to local rules. Finding this written anywhere is nearly impossible so its easier for them to go with the larger one.


I wonder if anyone might know the FAA rules and where I might find it so written? As we often follow your regs now that would be an argument I could start with.



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The FARs tell you exactly what is required in terms of required IFR instrumentation. I don't remember anything in there about size of the instrument. It would seem strange that a maker of CDIs would make a CDI that did not follow regs.


I will say that as a person that deals with inspectors (non FAA) on a fairly frequent basis----that it is a fair question to ask the inspector the reference for the info that just came out of his mouth. It is the inspectors burden to point that out to you. I don't advocate challanging an inspector on everything he says (unless you want to totally T him off----and never pass anything)----but when you get to the part that does not quite sound right, he needs to reference the source/paragraph/etc.

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