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I reside in Jacksonville, FL, which is where I washed up on the beach when I retired from the US Navy [ETC(SS)]. I've been a pilot for over 40 years, and a wanna-be homebuilder for almost as long. Started a LongEZ in 1983, but had to part with it. Was also involved in a Defiant then, and am still very interested in that design. Since the OpenEZ Twin doesn't seem to be moving terribly quickly, will probably start an OpenEZ in the near future. Very interested in hearing from other builders/flyers in the area. I can be reached at pj260@bellsouth.net . Always willing to talk airplanes. Until I have a homebuilt to fly, my daily flyer is a 1952 Piper Tripacer.

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Bravo Zulu Sam,


I left the Navy after 11 years (ET1(SS) on Boomers (NavET).


The Defiant is the way to go if you're interested in 2 engines. but if you merely want the extra room, the Cozy MK IV is a great compromise. Lots'a room, and looks cool too. There usually a few projects for sale for cost of materials.


http://www.stealthturtle.com/ is selling his project. Give it a look.

"I run with scissors."


Phase One Testing


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