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E/P-mag Ignition Contoller


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It was suggested I post the news of this exciting new product over on this board as a number of Canard fliers are using E & P-mags.


We have just started shipping the EICommander.


What is the EICommander you ask?


It is a small cockpit mounted control head that can continuously monitor E/P-mags and alert the pilot if they experience a timing divergence of greater than 5 degrees.


It also has the ability to store multiple timing configurations which allows you to change those configurations in flight. Say you run auto fuel and have your E/P-mags configured for that fuel. Then you take a trip and get a load of 100LL. The EICommander allows you to flip to a different configuration that is optimized for 100LL or possibly high altitude flight, or many other options. (All within the limits set by E-mag Ignitions.)


It also functions as a Tach & Hobbs and with the optional probes it will display OAT and carb temps.


There is more information on our web site, www.eicommander.com, and the manual is there for downloading.


For those of you who don't run E/P-mags, we also offer the unit as a Tach and Hobbs meter with the optional OAT and carb temps.


Feel free to email any questions, info (at) eicommander (dot) com.

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