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Ebay Defiant info ????


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Does anyone have any information on the Defiant now on ebay?


I'm generally familiar with GA aircraft and understand this would require at least engines and avionics.


What are the things to look out for that are specific to a Defiant, or to this particular aircraft?


Thank you.

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Defiants - about 165 sets of plans sold, 20 or so have flown.


I had one for 15 years - don't know this one, but as a second project for the Long EZ builder, probably pretty good.


Do you want me to track it down?


Twins have their own issues - with 16 spark plugs, 4 magnetos, 2 starters, there is twice the chance of needing maintenance any one day - but there is a lot of security over water at night with two engines churning along burning 18 gph or less.



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