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Waiter Visit

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What a great way to spend part of a Sunday afternoon! I really appreciate you taking the time to show your great Long-ez, and your patience with my questions about all of the ideas you have come up with and incorporated in your Ez. I hope to learn from your 'get it done' attitude and get mine back out to the hangar and into the air.


Your suggestion to "hang out at the end of the runway" was great! It looked like there was a turn off specifically for observation purposes just outside the fence from the approach end of 32. This put Trish and in a position to actually feel the low pass as you passed a few feet directly overhead. Trish tried to follow it with the camera and couldn't As you passed I heard her say "wow, where'd he goooo?" The pullup and climb was spectacular to watch! That CS prop really has some a serious bite! The climb was amazing.


The rest of the trip? What a contrast from the I FLY EZ approach! I drove from Milwaukee to the Detroit area for a couple of family functions and then back through Toledo (and the Waiter visit) to Milwaukee.... 13 hours of "whyhaventifinishedityetwhyhaventifinishedityetwhyhaventifinishedityet".


Arrived back in Milwaukee road weary but inspired to get it done!




Long-ez project


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