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Varieze main landing gear damage


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Ok builders.


Can anyone supply or suggest where I might find a complete layout of how the MLG is to be mounted in the fuselage. Specifically the tabs between the 3/8" cross bolt and the MLG hoop. I have looked at the old tabs and figured out that they are about 37-38 BID, also the axels appear to be located at FS 108". With that I can figure out how to get it back in, it would be nice to have the exact procedure though.


Thanks in advance.


Arnold Holmes


Arnold Holmes

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If your undertaking this level of repair, you need a copy of the plans.


If you don't have the original plans, A copy of the plans are on the TERF disk. These should be acceptable to make this repair and answer any other questions you have regarding how the plane is assembled.


IMHO - If you own a VariEZ or LongEZ, you must have the plans and the CPs.


If your mounting a LongEZ bow, you'll need to merge the drawings for the VariEZ and LongEZ. Also, there are a couple CPs that apply to the LongEZ Landing gear bow. If you have the TERF disk, it contains both the Vari and LongEZ plans, so you can see what the differences are.


Where to find a TERF disk? Google "TERF disk". Look on E-Bay. Expect to pay around $200. A good price considering the original plans cost $200 per copy.



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