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Jeff Rose/Electroair Ignitions for sale.

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I have four ignitions sitting on my shelf gathering dust and doing me no good. Put a dual ignition in your airplane with a spare on the shelf. Three of the systems work and one doesn't.


I have three of the original Jeff Rose Igntions. One is an actual Jeff Rose ignition with MAP sensor/vacuum advance, and the other two are HPV-1's from Electromotive. They are exactly the same box. Jeff used the Electromotive HPV-1 ignition and converted them for airplanes. This Jeff Rose I ran for over 100 hours on my 0-320 Long. These are great for running along all day at 2500 rpm on airplanes since they are designed to run up and down all day in the heat and dust during auto racing. They can handle simple airplane ignition duties. The one that doesn't work (Somebody tried to modify it or something) can be used for the spare coils and I'm throwing it in.

$450 for all three HPV's.


The fourth Electromotive is an XDI which is a brand new ignition. I got it from Electromotive which Electroair pulls off of the shelf and modifies. (They put an 'Electroair' sticker on it and raise the price!) They also modify an existing crank sensor to fit on the crankshaft. The other option is the mag hole sensor. I have all wiring and plugs. No sensors. If you bought this online it's over $900.

$750 for the XDI. Or buy all four for $1100.


I have all the documentation and copies of the older Jeff Rose info as well. It will be way more info than you will get from Electroair. I can also give you install advice and photo's. You will need a crank trigger wheel and a crank sensor. $225 and $55 from Electroair. Or, you can buy a trigger wheel on Ebay for $52.95 and modify it yourself. Crank sensors are pretty much the same price. You can also add a MAP sensor to the XDI for around 60 bucks.

I am using an Electromotive XDI (New version Electroair.) ignition on my current 0-320 long and I love it. I will post pictures of these items tomorrow.

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