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Hello all-I have been researching homebuilts for many years and received cozy plans #1569 last fall.But the openez maybe changing my mind I will be solo most of the time.The group of people hear have really gave me lots ofgood info and ideas I will be going to Rough River 09-it is a 18 hour drive from here. But I would like to sit in a longez to feel it there was a guy hear who had one but he sold it after he had a problem in a fedex aircraft delivering its load to San Angelo TX it went down 15 miles from airport-he was injured to the point he could not fly anymore:( mr morris was his name.So if anybody knows of one around San Angelo TX and they don't mind someone sitting in it for a few fantasy moments please let me know. PS I would drive a good distance to do this 3-4 hours is fair one way considering where I live in the middle of know where texas but I love it here.I thank all who have replied to all my postings.Thanks (KOOL RAY)

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