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Cockpit Dimension

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Hi all,


It's been a while since I checked the forum but it's good to back. My project has changed and i decided to leave my LEZ dreams aside to build a Cozy Mark IV instead.


I just got a quick question: I am 5'10". Is the cockpit roomy enough to accomodate a 5'10" pilot?


Funny questions I reckon but i had a painful experience while being seated in a Cozy Classic as I found out there was not much room between my head and the canopy...


Cheers guys,


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One of the joys of building your own plane is that you can alter it to fit yourself. 5'10" is average height, and lots of guys over 6' claim comfort in these planes. But my understanding is that yes, the canopy is close to you - not 3 feet away like in a spam can.


What's more important than your height is your width...:) But even there, folks are making their Cozy fuselages up to 6" wider to suit themselves. I think one fellow was planning to build a regular Cozy fuselage, but make it tandem seating!


Get building! ;)

Phil Kriley

Cozy #1460

Chapter 13 - nose

Right wing done - working on right winglet.

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Good news :cool:


That sounds great... Now I am officially waiting for my plans to cross the pond ;)


In the time being, I am setting up the workshop... Story is that I moved into a new home on purpose! While I was having a tour of it, the lady asked why I wanted to have such a massive place since I would be on my own living there... I replied: "Ohhh you dont wanna know!" :P


Keep in touch! And thanks for the fantastic forum!



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