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Hi there Forum members,


Hows it going? This my first post here under the vari eze category. I have a lead on a set of plans for about $300. My question is this..... I was looking at the specs for the varie eze at airventuremusem.org which is the musem at oshkosh. On the specs for the proto type is says the following:


Empty Weight: 399

Max Weight: 880lbs.

Engine: VW 1834CC 62Hp engine


Normal range: 670

@ Cruise speed: 900 miles

@ 40%: ???


my question is this. Does this sound close to what those of you are flying? Also, I noticed on some varieze's they have pods on the wings. Is in the plans or how do people make these? what about a extra fuel tank?


thanks a bunch & happy Flying/building,



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Those specs are for the very original VariEze Burt built (N7EZ) - that airplane is in the EAA Museum in Oshkosh. That version was never offered via plans. The VariEze plans allow you to build a copy of N4EZ (currently on display at the Udvar-Hazy wing of the Air and Space Museum at Dulles), which is the "plans built" prototype. The plans-built VariEze generally utilizes a Continental O-200 engine, with C-85, C-90, and O-235 engines also suitable for use.


Ideally, a VariEze should not weight too much beyond 600 - 625 pounds. There are some that are 750+, which is too heavy to be considered a two-place airplane.


A "general" VariEze spec might look like this:


640 empty

O-200 (100HP)

Day VFR instruments

Cruise 150 Kts

Top Speed 175 Kts

Landing Speed 65 Kts

Range 700 NM

Minimum Runway (Sea Level, Standard Day) 2500'


-Joe Person

EAA Tech Counselor 4418

VariEze N79JN

Bothell, WA (KPAE)

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I just read this PDF by Burt linked from the EAA experimenter email. It has a article about the Quickie and early Varieze as well as comparison to the Dragonfly and Q2.




VariEze Prototype (1975) and Q2

Rutan Model 78-1

VariEze N7EZ


Empty Weight 430 Ibs.

Useful Load 450 Ibs.

Gross Weight 880 Ibs.

Span 22.3'

Wing Area 61 Sq. Ft.

Wing Loading 14.4 Ibs./ft.

Power Loading 14.2 Ibs./hp

Fuel 20 gals.

Take-Off 700ft.

Landing 1100ft.

S/L Rate of Climb 1200 ft./min.

75% Cruise 158 kt.

Range at 75r% 820 nm

N/M Gal. at 75% 41

Max. NM/Gal. 58

Stall Speed 56 kt.

Engine 1834cc VW

Horsepower 62

Max. Crew Size Two 6'4"

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