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Our planes draw attention


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Last Saturday I was returning from Orlando and I called on the radio to announce entering the pattern at an uncontrolled airport "Long-EZ 81HM entering left downwind...". Another plane nearby heard it and diverted to the airport just to see my plane and ask me questions about it. They were a nice couple. The man used his plane (Eurocoupe) to commute between North Carolina and South Florida and he was looking for something faster. We talked for a little while as I tied up and began cleaning the plane. Like everyone else I’ve talked with, he said he hoped he could get a ride some time. You don’t get reactions like that renting a Cessna. :)

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81HM was one of the aircraft that really kept me going as a kid building my Long EZ. Still recall the words from Sport Aviation trued 206mph. Still remember that orange lightning strike down the side. Recall the work Herb put into the sport flight cowls etc.


Fourth Long EZ to fly was it? Lee Herron's was early as well. Johnny Murphy, Mike Melvill, Dick Rutan, Herb Sanders...?



Wayne Blackler

IO-360 Long EZ


Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


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