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red tag

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i wish all planes had a box stuck to the side with pen and paper with a sign..

all comments welcomed....

i was looking under a cowl at a firewall setup for sale (demo plane) and for kicks i counted what i felt would be a big issue in the air if not red tagged right away. " 27 do not fly me" and that was just a visual.

the @@#@/flyer? was a touch arrogant and said that after the long time it had been flying that it proved it was worthy (@@@ hours).

so i ask you as a grope, what do you do when you see something not-so-hot ?

2 things, one was most of the fuel lines were dragging over metal,wearing holes

the other was small sender leads pulled snug all over the block, wearing thru.


this plane was seen at Fla-bob airport and the owners name was billy bob

and it was a pipinthal and had a bio-diesel with drop tanks and just got in from Bolivia with sheep as cargo


me and a new buddy moved on to a new victim (Airbus), i don't think I'd fly this one (without looking at the oil for shavings) but the list was 2, but they were starter leads and not flit worthy so he got a 0 marks. the owner was a real trip. in closing, may we all stay lucky in love and flight

Steve M. Parkins

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