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Cozy 4, Chapter 5 forms, free

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I just finished up Chapter 5 and am moving on to fuselage assembly.


I have forms for the upper longerons and sides if anyone can use them. If anyone would like to see them you can check out my chapter 5 notes on the Maddy web site.




I got them from Mark Ewart and have his blessing to pass them on to another needy builder.


I dont want to consider shipping, but if anyone wants to pay for it, than I am willing to package it up.


I live in Katy Texas on the west side of Houston.


Build on,

Matt Stecher

Cozy 4 #1551


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Hey Matt, Just asking if you still have the forms.Its kind of funny that when I got my plans from ASS they would have been #1552 but I waited and got #1569 instead in other words we would have been in series here in texas.I haven't made my mind up yet on which to build yet cozy r openez,I have the Terf cd and stuff and bunch of stuff to start building one or the other just cant decide:( cozy nice to talk to passenger-Longez easier to build no body I know will fly in something I built any ways well maybe 1r2 people will.this is driving me#$@!;*)( crazy I:e planecrazy hehehe! Let me know somthing it might push me off the fence.Thanks Ray

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